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12th May - Dark Citadel


Godric Altenahr

The Dark King of Gothica sat in the near darkness of his cold empty hall, The fireplace was empty and had not known fire for many long years, so that the only light was a pallid moon filtering through rotten curtains and the ghastly green glow emanating from the eye slits and runes of the kings ancient ornate armor.

In his hand was a letter with the royal seal of Halcyon embossed on it. Under his gaze the paper seemed to writhe and then began to wither until there was just a fine powder left.

The figure spoke, and its sound was like that of a thousand buzzing flies

"Soooo" It said


15th May - Dark Citadel


Godric Altenahr

All is not well in the House of Halcyon. Asissains stir.

The powers of Life and Death move strongly.

Two sides of on coin.

What does it mean?

27th May - Dark Citadel


Godric Altenahr

Harbinger Schwarzherzig, Minister of Offense of Outer Tilog is not really that offensive. Quite a pleasant chap really.

Harbinger Schwarzherzig

That's because you haven't heard Us use the N-word.