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28th October -- Dark Citadel

Godric Altenahr

Dark King Godric paid his respects to Lady Aoifa Dubhaine of Dark Citadel. His troops waited outside in the palace square. Tall silent men in full plate bearing two handed pole axes whose tips crackled with a pale blue energy. He was a massively built man in plat armor bearing mystical runes. His cold grey eyes leveled on her and she felt a chill because she knew in that moment that this man had left his humanity far behind in his quest for power and knowledge. His voice when it came was low and harsh.

"Thank you for allowing me to visit your capitol, Lady. I have paid the gold I owe to assassins, so my business is conducted and I will be leaving in the morning. I have been inspecting your stronghold and I feel that I understand Assassins now. You have excellent walls and excellent RCs, someone has done a lot of good work on this citadel, but your regions are gold poor, so you can not field a large army. Hence your development of the arts of stealthy killing. A unique solution for a unique situation."

Aoifa Dubhaine

"Your eyes have seen what few outside our Order ever witness King Godric for the roads are long which lead to the Citadel and the woods cluster darkly about them. And in those woods dwell many things which are best left undisturbed," the Margravine's manner was cool and matter-of-fact as suited her soldier's garb, but in her eyes there was a certain humour and the sense that she herself rarely heeded such advice.

"I'll have apartments fitting your status prepared for you and your company."