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8th January -- Dark Citadel

Aepyornis Struthionis

Welcome to our new initiates. Please take a moment to light a candle and keep it before you.

The Shadow Cult lurks behind the Curtain of all tragic Plays, and laughs at all tragic seriousness.

Hold your hand by the flame, and see the Shadow upon the wall. Observe that it is not a thing of Dark, but instead takes shape at the meeting of both Light and Dark. It is a simple projection of much richer components.

And so the core truth is this! All the world is but a simple projection of a much richer reality, its weight as unknowable to us as the weight of your hand is to its Shadow.

Yes, Brothers and Sisters, we are each of us a Shadow of what lies beyond! We are but Actors, cast upon a great Stage.

As one recently asked of Darkness:

There is a prevailing notion among those who have not learned to see as we have, a notion of "good" and "evil," and I invite you to discard these in your considerations of Light and Dark.

As you study your Shadow, could you know it without Light? Or without Darkness?

Know that both are necessary to any Play, but as a single Actor you need not be shackled to either. The Shadows will guide you in your Role if you allow them.

I hope that is a fair introduction. If you have any questions, I will do as I can to answer.