Dubhaine Family/Aibhlidhn/Roleplays/2020/March

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3rd March

Fronepu =

Tihmm Ciiudani


The Turned Ambushers move quietly, purposefully.

Captain Marisa cautioning silence as the skirmishers creep forward towards their unsuspecting foes...

Four Orc eating the roasting flesh of locale farmers..(bastards!)

"Fire!" Marisa orders.

Two Orcs feel the pain and drop to the ground writhing, bristling with several arrows.

Aaaaaaargh! Comes battle cries of hopeless frustration as the two remaining Orcs rush our position!

"Hold your fire!" Commands Marisa. "NOW!"

CHUNT!(arrows striking enemy)

Arrows hammer the remaining Orcs!

Marisa smiles.

4th March

Tihmm Ciiudani

It didn't matter....

Tihmm motioned the Turned with a quick hand signal, the surrounding men at arms quickly began to crouch... TO LATE!

The rotten stench of the flesh of corpses permeates the air!

With what sounded like rustling leather the undead crumbled down the hillside on the right flank of the Turned!

It was mayhem!

With no chance...the Ambushers became ambushed!

Ordering a swift withdrawal, Tihmm continues towards his goal.