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3rd June

Summer Evening - Bil Havel

Xlair Silverblade

Ambiance & Rumors

Night sets upon the lands of Beluaterra again, and the stars still shine bright over Lake Salaman, reflecting in its still surface like a black mirror. The fishermen dock their ships in Vozzessdor and Wudenkin, tying up their sails and unloading barrels of fish to laborers that haul them into the city to be cleaned and salted.

It is a warm evening, with the half moon suspended in the sky among the stars dotting the heavens. Wudenkin's Shadow Market springs to life with the shouts of underground fighting rings bleeding up through the sewer grates, and hoots and hollering of fortune and famine of the gambling dens.

The topics among the tavern dwellers discuss how the Emperor has still yet to be seen outside of the tall palace known as the Sanguine Citadel. There had been sightings of the Crimson Judge entering, but otherwise no traffic to and from the great Citadel that housed the ruler of Vordul Sanguinis.

Along with the rumors of the nobility, too came the whispers among the common folk on how the Wizard of Winter was to host a banquet for the talented wanderers which could be labeled adventurers, mercenaries, brigands or thieves, depending on who you spoke to. Word also traveled that there were some among the Ministry that thought such an honoring of common folk was going too far. Especially to proclaim one, Gabriel, as an "honored guest" a particular chafe to Noble men and women.

These topics were quickly drown out with the woes of the common folk, however, for they had little time to worry about what the Nobles and Adventurers concerned themselves with, and more focus upon a good day's catch, upcoming harvests, and the turnout of their respective merchant stalls.

​​​​​​​It had been a fine summer so far, but all knew that summer must eventually come to an end.

4th June

Summer Evening - Tepmona

Ehrich Weisz

The warriors of the Vales returned home from campaigning and then the great Ar Agyr tourney in decent spirits but uncertain what the future held.

A fine Summer blessed the fields and regions with plentiful early crops. Messengers ventured far and wide along the pathways north and east eager for news. Although the regions were productive and terms for peace with the Vales appeared to be holding there remained a sense of unease. Any progress from the promised inquisition seemed haltering and the limits of the remaining northern war unclear.

The solstice would soon see local festivities but when the longer days faded the uncertainty of the turning season seemed to echo the general unease for what the future would bring. Fearful peasants stored their harvests in readiness, bold knights readied their skills and armaments to be ever vigilant.

4th June

Summer Evening - Tepmona

Xlair Silverblade

Vordul Sanguinis - Ambiance and Rumors

Lightning flashed, a singular bolt coming down from the heavens and splitting a tree in half in the woods in Xerus. Like a herald in the night, shortly thereafter rain pelted down with heavy drops across the western lands of Vordul Sanguinis. The once still surface of Lake Salaman was shattered with a million beads of water, the mirror like surface turning to beveled steel.

The flashes of light revealed menacing rolling clouds, black as coal streaked with lightning. A deep rumble seemed to shake the mountains themselves, the ground reverberating with the impact to cause plates to rattle. The rain fell straight down, not a bit of wind accompanying the sudden thunderstorm. Fields of Junohep and Ircymbar marked with puddles of mud and standing water as the rain continued throughout the night.

As dawn neared, the rains let up, but the clouds remained, an occasional crack of thunder a reminder of the power that hovered just above. Farmers and merchants awoke to what they expected to be dawn, though the darkness clung to central Beluaterra.

Near seven in the morning another bolt struck, this time hitting the top of the temple of Vordulism in Iknopata. The lightning seared a scar upon the roof of the temple the size of a full grown horse. Due to the rain, the temple did not set fire, but the black scar remained as if the gods had made their challenge upon the temple.

6th June

Summer Evening - Tepmona

Saoirse MacArbin

Rumours & Ambiance: Departure

The mood across Obian lands was tense. Messengers with the livery of the Grandmistress went out beyond the boundaries of the realm with regularity, troops were gathering, and the public announcement had unsettled all.

The high nobles were leaving.

To some, this meant opportunity, and blades were being sharpened in anticipation of the new possibilities. Contracts were drafted, free of the oppressive taxes and perhaps more importantly, Templar-enforced restrictions from the Heralds.

To some, this meant worry. Outside of the cities, villagers gathered somberly to discuss what they could afford to lose when the hordes came, and how hard they would have to fight to save their fields. The underpriests and others who tended to the temples looked anxiously at the grand decorations, wondering how long it would be until they were looted. And all those who tended to the high nobles and their armies were packing, readying for the move themselves, leaving behind even more economic wreckage.

And to some, this meant almost nothing. Those of Glongin, for instance, had been without a guiding hand since their Lady had become Grandmistress. They had been left to deal with the hordes on their own many times, as the army waited warily in Grehk. All this meant to them is that when they spat in the street at the luck of the world, they no longer had to worry about a passing functionary taxing them for it.

But all watched, as the troops marched or rode by. Wondering when, or even if, another high noble would pass by them again. For soon, across much of the South, there would be no realm, no outpost of chivalry, within a day's ride. And who knew, indeed, what that would mean for the future?

11th June

Summer Day - Kannoktet

Yao Ling Pryde

Yao Ling stepped out onto the battlements of Dyomoque and looked around.

She remember again the day, so long ago, when she fought beneath these battlements and killed the king who ruled here.

Well. One of the arrows from her command had done the deed. She liked to think it was one of her's, but she would never be certain of that.

Those days were long gone. The rebellion that tore Dyomoque from Creasur long dead. As were nearly all who even remembered that rebellion as more than history.

Dyomoque and Creasur were united again, though now it was Reeds who ruled.

Yao Ling looked to the west and shook her head. Even after all these years, it was hard to think of Reeds as the capital of these lands.

But times changed. Times came and went and the winds of time never ceased their wheeling passage.

Change was the only constant in the world.

Yao Ling smiled at that thought and turned to her chief hand maiden.

"Has the word gone out?"

"Yes, my lady," Betty answered without a pause.

"A party?"

"The best party in the lands," Betty said and a smile color her cheeks.

Or maybe that was the chill wind coming down from the mountains.

"Good," Yao Ling said and turned back from the open sky to make her way down the stairs.

"Have you told anyone?" Betty asked.

"Of course not," Yao Ling said and aimed a miffed look at hand maiden. "Allow an old lady her secrets."

"Old lady," Betty said with a snort. "You hardly look it."

"There are many things I don't look like," Yao Ling said and stepped onto the street of Dyomoque with the youthful stride most young women wished they could match.

"But appearances should never be believed," the high priestess said as began the next part of her journey.

16th June

Summer Evening - Orde

Legendary Hero Buried

The von Lucker family commemorates the dead hero Theodoric, a legend known all over the world. Admirers, friends and even enemies visit his grave.

Yao Ling Pryde

Death Knight Theodoric von Lucker has passed on.

He resides now with Daishi, where he has the honor to fight with the gods to keep the Daimons from coming back.

Honor his memory, and the honor of his death in combat.


19th June

Summer Evening - Mouth of Agyr


Gomersall sat on the log, staring at the ground.

"You're not eating your cheese?"

"Here," Gomersall offered.

His friend looked at him silently. "What's the matter?"

He sighed. "I just can't understand the ways of the higher folks," he finally answered.

"Ha! Who can?" the other laughed. "That Daishi thing?"

He nodded. "I mean...the Kings of Nothoi, Irondale and Shattered Vales all said they want to see Mordok destroyed, right?"

He counted off his points on his hand. "The General of Irondale is an Elder of Daishi. The Marshal of Irondale is a follower of Daishi. Why would they complain about a Priestess of Daishi trying to carry out the Goals of the Daishi, instead of trying to convince the King of Irondale to let them do what the King of Irondale already said he wanted done?"

His friend laughed. "You see, this is why I believe in Oocism," he replied. "Followers of Oocism understand that none of us have free will. Each of us is controlled by our own personal God who has his own reasons. Therefore, while things we do may seem completely irrational on the surface, our underlying Oos-selves are completely in character at all times."

He bit into Gomersall's cheese. "It's easier to just never speak up about anything. Too many beasts to kill and beer to drink, in any case."

20th June

Summer Evening - Agyr


The old man wore a long, tattered cloak and tall cap. Gomersall was surprised when he sat down beside him.

"Greetings, traveler. Will you share some cheese?"

"Humpff," came the gruff reply. "And mess up my indigestion for a week?"

He reached among his long folds and pulled out a sealed letter. "Gomersall the Adventurer?"

"Y-yes...but how did you - "

"I'm a wizard, you idiot," the man cut him off, pointing at his cap. "Here. From someone you know, held captive in the north. Deliver it to Lord Arjan."

He pulled himself up with his staff. "It's important," he hissed.

With a puff of smoke, he slowly meandered back down the path from where he had come.

21st June

Summer Evening - Agyr


"Lord Arjan," Gomersall muttered. "But Lord of What? Of where? How do I find this person?"

He wandered into cozy looking tavern to have a bite to eat and ponder his problem...


"I knew a Lord Arjan once, I did," said the tavern keeper. "Only it weren't 'Arjan', it were 'Orange'."

"Well then it weren't him, then, were it, you old fool?" snapped his wife, setting the truncheon in front of Gomersall.

"Close enough fer confusion..."

"I knows Lord Arjan," spoke up a grizzled old man in the back.

"You hush! You hardly knows yer own name, never mind Lords and such."

"I does, though," he insisted. "Shattered Vales. I were in the militia down thataway."

"You? In the militia?"

"Aye," he insisted, taking a moment to quaff the rest of his ale. "I weren't always this old and decrepit." He nodded his thanks for the refill.

"Used to be," he went on, "I were in the Ete City nightwatch. Lord Arjan - fine lookin' feller, all square in the shoulder like a noble should be - he done come an visit ever so often an' agin, when he weren't warrin'." He polished off his pint.

"Only...I can't rightly say where he were lord of, exactly..."

22nd June

Summer Day - Agyr


On a dusty road somewhere in the rogue lands of Xinjin...

"Thank you, son. It is good cheese," the old man said. "Where are ye headed, then?"

"South, to the Shattered Vales," Gomersall answered. "I am on a quest of sorts."

"Quest?" the man laughed. "Ye don't look much like a knight."

"Nor am I. But one I am sworn to sends me, to deliver this letter." He held it up before the man.

"Lord Arjan?" he read. "Why, if it is Lord Arjan ye seek, ye best not go south." He rose to his feet. "The Lord and his men are in Eg Tutnu. I pass them there just this early morning."

Summer Evening - Agyr

Ester Ester Cavendish

Ester Ester wrinkled her nose as the old man in the pointed cap pulled off first one, then the other sandal.

"That's so much better," he sighed, massaging one gnarled foot.

"You delivered the letter?"

"Of course I did," he snapped. "I wouldn't be here if I hadn't."

"Fine. Here is what you asked for."

The man peered deeply into the brown gunnysack and smiled. Nodding to Ester Ester, he threw up a puff of smoke, then slowly climbed to his bare feet and trod gingerly out of the chamber.

23rd June

Summer Day - Rengo

Ester Ester Cavendish

"At last," she whispered. "My work is almost done."

She laughed, and entered the tunnel behind the hidden door...


"Hey old man," whispered the rogue whilst pressing a knife gently against his back, "hear you's after master Arjan? If you need a message getting to him I'm your man but if you mean any trouble you'll be finding this knife stuck right into your belly. I'll be by the bar for the rest of the day, come find me."

A short time later, he was following this man Gavin to the encampment at the edge of town. He saw a banner fluttering in the breeze; a horsed knight, on a field of green and red.

"Lord Arjan's?"

24th June

Summer Day - Bisana


Gomersall lay back in his makeshift tent, smoking a pipe, content in the fact that his mission was completed.