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2nd February

Summer Evening - Fronepu

Aibhlidhn Dubhaine

Aibhlidhn was deep in conversation with her tall companion, seemingly oblivious to the unkempt figure pressing through the afternoon crowds with that unmistakable arrogance she'd come to associate with the Witch-King's subjects. It had never been entirely clear how many of Angmar's commoners were trained adepts of the craft though she doubted it was the legion Elured used to boast of before his disappearance. Sorcery after all was a dangerous endeavour...

"Good afternoon, I hope you will buy some good paperwork and as such, you will not disappoint your Queen..." the man thrust himself between Aibhlidhn and her companions.

"I beg your pardon?" the Queen's surprise was very convincing.

"For now, dear servant ..." Brand opened his coat wide, revealing a selection of weathered scraps of parchment and vellum, "for sale ...." and began recounting a list of charms and enchantments.

"Hmm... it all reads like nonsense," Aibhlidhn's lips struggled to shape some of the more legible words on a scroll of Hammerfall and Brand hurriedly shoved it back into its pocket before she accidentally triggered one of Beluaterra's most devastating enchantments.

Djieves gently cleared his throat and interjected in his characteristic stentorian tone, "Her Majesty has a passing interest in such curios and will pay handsomely if they're genuine. Might I examine them in more detail?"

3rd February

Summer Evening - Fronepu


....Brand hurriedly shoved it back into its pocket.....

While cursing in himself, he thought "... Just saved this neighborhood ... , that stupid servant ... the moment she sees something of power, she likes to experience it more.

Brand could control his anger. After all, he was in a Realm, only neutral to his own.

Another reason had been that guy at her side.

Nevertheless, he could not control an impulse and blinked to her while telling her to step back a bit, just in order to avoid a small misunderstanding.

.....Might I examine them in more detail?...... he heard the other person asking.

Brand showed him some scrolls

5th February

Summer Evening - Fronepu

Aibhlidhn Dubhaine

From her quick perusal it was clear to Aibhlidhn that the scrolls bore genuine enchantments, the proximity of their imminent power even now causing the fine hairs on the back of her neck to stand proud. However it remained to be seen if they were in fact the enchantments their owner claimed or something altogether more illusory.

"Her Majesty is a discerning collector of esoteric art," Djieves drew a small jewellers glass from his pocket as he spoke, fixing it to his right eye and leaning forward, making an ostentatious display of examining the ink used for the lettering on the scrolls and the textures of their fabrics, "with exacting standards as I'm sure you understand."

Aibhlidhn coughed gently, covering her mouth with her hand and turning away to conceal the smile that was spreading across her features. Djieves had a deadpan manner which never failed to entertain when the tall, sober valet unleashed it on some poor unsuspecting tradesman. Whilst the Queen's manservant drew out the theatre of the moment Aibhlidhn turned her mind to certain rotes of habit she'd had drilled into her as a child at the court of her renowned kinswoman Brigdha, talents which had stood her in good stead more than once on the battlefield even though war was never really their purpose.

The Queen's will hovered momentarily outside the strictures of time as she focused her inner vision on the eccentric texts, turning their logical conceits this way and that as she considered their import. They were for the most part harsh magics, heavy with the actinic stench of the Nether, tools of war with little subtlety of effect and yet deft in their construction... a wry humour infused the phrasing... a certain irrational beauty which... which ... Aibhlidhn forced herself back into linear time, all too aware that such sorceries had beguiled greater sorcerers than her to their doom...

"Djieves, pay this man and let him be about his business," the Queen turned to Brand as her manservant unbuckled the satchel at his side and drew out a purse heavy with Agyrian gold crowns and folded letters patent in the Queen's own hand.

"You have dealt honestly with me Brand of Angmar, as my grandmother said you would, so name your price and know that you have the Queen of Ar Agyr's favour and permission to deal lawfully within her borders."

As the exchange was made a keen observer positioned on a certain rooftop overlooking the shrine might - if they had skill to do so - have remarked certain nondescript figures in the nearby crowds, seemingly no different to those around them, relax their posture and drift from view. They had little in common save for one thing: each wore a blade horizontal across their back, the close-quarters choice of the Royal Fusileers.

22nd February

Summer Day - Seven Rivers


Message to Queen Aibhlidhn:

I am in Bisana, carrying some scrolls.

Where can I meet that servant again?

Same woman please, she looked good for her age.

The big fellow can stay home; not my type.

Aibhlidhn Dubhaine

Aibhlidhn studied the note with wry amusement. This Brand was either possessed of a fine sense of humour or a blind insensibility of staggering proportions. Either way it added some colour to an otherwise tedious day. Why did she feel her grandmother had a hand in this?

She took up her quill and scribbled off a quick reply, entrusting it to her squire Aelwyn.

Master Brand,

I make allowances for those with an eye for fine literature but a little decorum would not go amiss, you're addressing royalty from a House of High Renown after all, not some doxy in a quayside tavern.

My court is currently headed to Fronepu and you'll find my servants waiting for you there at the Raging Bears Redoubt in the Street of Tides.

22nd February

Summer Day Seven Rivers


Brand read the letter he just got.

......"Master Brand, I make allowances for those .......... not some doxy in a quayside tavern.

Mmmhhh... that servant who gave my letter to the Queen is playing with me ... She even used Royal paper from her Queen to convince me.

Anyway... good to notice.... I feel I have a chance to sleep in a real bed soon.

Brand wrote a small letter in return ...

Dear Queen,

I just arrived in Fronepu by carrier-pigeon and I will await your presence - excuse me - your servants presence at The Raging Bears Redoubt in the Street of Tides.

Greetings, salute and till then,