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16th September

Summer Evening - Haji

Baelunìataisharà Blue

Bae read the reports from Djembe, her eyes narrowing.

"Scribe," she called, waving the man over.

"Yes, Queen Marshal, what seems to be the matter?" The man asked, wringing his hands.

"Are the... reports of the times these letters were received accurate?" She asked, lining the different report types up by the time of occurrence.

"Why, yes your Highness, I believe they are." The man sounded perplexed. "Shall I investigate the ones who submitted the reports?"

"That won't be necessary," Bae said with a smirk. She tapped the stacks of letters before her. "These little sheets tell a Marshal all she needs to know."

29th September

Summer Day - Ircymbar

Baelunìataisharà Blue

Bae's brow dripped with sweat as she finished affixing the new nameplate to the base of the chair.

It wasn't a chair, really. It was a throne. A massive gilded beast of a seat, fit for a king with all the frills and cushy comforts. It was a chair for sitting.

It was Glynkar's throne, taken from Firbalt.

The plaque read "Wilhelm's Neutrality Chair." Bae wiped her forehead and grinned.