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15th October

Summer Evening - Haji

Erasmus Soul

And so it was on this day, Angmar were the last fighters to stand upon the bloodied fields of Haji, proudly overlooking the carcasses of their enemies!

"You! Angmar hath grown in strength and union!" Erasmus bellowed for all to hear.

25th October

Summer Evening - Fronepu

Outo Olavi Cosula

OO finally got back to Fronepu. He paid to his men, asked captain to recruit more.

He headed to tavern and ordered barrel of wine and started to go through letters...

He first laughed... "Oh boy, are these adults? "Apologize! Not good enough.. try again!""

He started to get more serious... and getting a bit drunk.

First trying to write letter by himself, but after few errors, he gave up and asked boy to get scribe to him.

OO started to be a bit more drunk and had a bit debate with one young noble.

Finally scribe came and OO spoke the letter. Scribe made few remarks and wanted to be sure if OO really wante that to be written up.

Good day allies and former allies and whiny margrave.

I cant believe what i have been reading lately? Thalmarkin used to be land of brave knights and warriors, who hunted Daimons and hanged their bodies on the walls of Unger, now these days they cry out apologies from their neighbours?

If you dont trust the word of Agyrian, then you dont. We want to be allied with you, but if you dont want to be protected by Angry Agyrian Army, then you can suck my socks and beg your apologies from somewhere else.

I was hoping this utterly stupid and whiny issue would have been over before i get back to Fronepu from the frontlines... but no.

Back in the days when Thalmarkin had some brave knights this kind of issues would have taken care without drama. "Oh, this kind of poop happened, oh damn... take a beer and sign the paper and we are good to go!" but now you keep nagging some sort of proof and apology from us?

Suck my sweaty and bloody socks i say....

I know my good queen has more sense and diplomatic skills than i do, so i hope she deals with this so that scared little margrave can sleep her... his beauty sleep on peace behind walls of Unger knowing that Angry Agyrians will protect him.

I wonder what someone has ever thought to give that kind of whiny kid city take care of.

Oh and before you start to cry, i apologize my harsh words... not.


He read the letter and smiled and told to send it over...

Baelunìataisharà Blue

Bae picked up the letter from OO and smiled. "ah, finally," she sighed with relief. "Someone who sees things the way they ought to be."

She picked up the quill.

Dearest OO, your words are a balm. Nicely penned, and down with the niceties! Warriors ought to be blunt and plain!

So let's start over. Thalmarkin is a beast, and we'll hang anyone from the walls who dares try us! An insult from an ally.. What do you say, a friendly raid should be the reprisal? Something bloody and fun, yes? Why bandy words! Haha! And yes, those Agyrians are angry! I love it! True, my big Bear Thalmarkin is as active and strong as ever, and could eat any alive, but would we do that? No! Haha! Allies, my friend. One day soon.

Seems we are all strong in the north. We, the strongest. Try me! Bwahaha!

I think we're on to something here. Comfortable in our knowledge that we northern allies split heads together, words are just words. Battle is the true test. Strength, that is the measure. Follow us, and the pinnacle of northern strength (I'm talking about me, humility is for the washerwomen).

Make no mistake - when the Daimons come, and we start ripping them to pieces and painting the walls with their insides - I will lead the charge. Until then, the Bear eats all in her path.

I ride the bear!"

She threw back three more mugs of ale, and then threw the letter at the messenger. "and we if Otto will meet me after dark... I want to see if that old one still knows how to ride!"

The messenger blanched and hurried off.