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8th November

Summer Evening - Ossmat

Duncan Blackstone


Duncan sat in the tavern in Tor waiting for his lord to finish his business,

He looked at the piece of parchment the messenger handed him before Duncan spilled his guts out onto the floor.


It is time, you know what you must do, we will avenge our home

Your Father,

Gerald Blackstone

He laughed slightly, at long last, it was finally time, now all he had to do is bring Obia'Syela crashing down onto his dear Cousin's head,

Duncan faintly whispered "Oh yes, this is going to be fun indeed"

10th November

Summer Eveningm - Djembe

Skalros Vurkow

Your men bring you an enemy scout who was captured while trying to gather information about the region. You can beat out of him that he was sent by Count Aubin Ledoux, who has his camp in Baqua currently.

Skalros was pacing back and forth in a matted tent, flecks of blood was stagnating in the still pools of water of muddy water in the dirt. The origin was sitting in a chair. Beaten and bloodied while flanked by two nervous looking infantrymen. During his pacing Skalros drew in a sharp breath and took his time exhaling.

"Why did you nab one our own? Who did you think they were when they were leaving OUR camp, dressed like one of OUR scouts?" The pair looked at each over sheepishly.

"Well. They did look like a giant maggot, but different." For a good minute Skalros proceeded to massage his forehead before realising he is still in the same dimension he was in before. He stood before the scout and crouched down in front of them, making sure he was able to maintain eye contact.

"Do you understand that this incident was a misunderstanding? You aren't going to return to your lord and tell them what happened here for the stability of the realm?"

"No my lord! Not a soul!" They maintained eye contact for a time, letting the words hang in the air.

"That's good to hear. You have put me at ease." He then made his way around to the back of the chair. Undoing the knot binding the scouts hands before taking a dagger from his belt and lodging it in the scouts neck. After a minute the deed was done; he was thankful there was a sheet to catch the spray even if they would have to find something to clean their hand with now.

"As usual I have to clean solve every problem but I will not let this incident fall on my head!" Tossing the dagger to the pair who where in such shock the receiver almost sliced their hands fumbling in an attempt to catch it. "Take them a mile out from camp and wait there, I'm going to have to explain to the count where his scout went."

Aeneas Gabanus Bluelake

The wolf-eared man turned his back at the 23 bodies hanging from the gallows. His wrestlers were celebrating a job well done, but Aeneas just wanted to go back to his pups.

Dancer Rea

"I have no bounty, nor am I anywhere near AA's lands or it's people. That little bitch-" The scribe stopped for a moment, and looked up to the Marshal. Dancer was pale, even for him, and beads of sweat glistened on his forehead. The healer continued to change his bandages, both stab wounds reddened and oozing a white goo.

"Marshal, are you sure you want to-" Dancer shot the scribe a dirty look. The scribe shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "Of course, Sir."

28th November

Summer Evening - Tepmona

Marcus Daubeny

Marcus and his men were marching to Avengmil, he turned to regard the slowly approaching Novans and Valemen, he scowled, traitors, bastards, evil dogs the lot of them, he would enjoy spilling their blood and watching the seas turn red with their blood, he felt a strange calm overcome him, his eyes felt strange and they began to glow a bright silver, lighting arched off him and he screamed in pain, he shot out his arm towards the van of the army "PATI!!!" he screamed and he heard the pained shouts as the Ruler of the Vales, that damnable talking monkey Monquise was struck with pain, he then aimed his arm at his men confused and shocked at their commander, "FORMIDO!!!" he cried and the men clutched their heads as fear and dread overwhelmed them, Marcus stopped glowing he shook his head confused and remounted his horse, he rode off back to the Dwilight relief force his cousin Michael had sent him, he had to make it to Avengmil before the Novans