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1st August

Summer Evening - Mekoter

Mordoc Selemnir

Mordoc studied Glynkar's face. He was surprised to see so many scars. Slightly less than he had on his own, but no matter.

The man was much taller, and more formidable. But there was a sadness there.

They embraced. A moment of understanding about the wight on their shoulders.

They did not acknowledge each-other as they walked in opposite directions.

2nd August

Summer Day - Mekoter

Glynkar Plaraveen

After several steps, Gkynkar turns to look and talk over his shoulder.

"If we are still going to share that cup, the better inns are to be found in this direction" He says with a smile.

"But if you plan to stick around, you may get a better room across the way which is run by a Daishi local."

"Old Shiela has the best rooms in town, but she waters her booze a little, so it is best to go drinking across the street."

8th August

Summer Day - Gethsemene

Eleanore Cruscavas

Eleanore trudged along the dusty track, one hand on her horse's reins, the other shading her eyes from the midday sun. The mare was recovering from the limp that she had picked up in the mad dash from Djembe, but best not to push it too hard. Walk a few hours, ride a few. Rest the horse, rest herself. Slow travel, but keep putting one foot - or hoof - in front of the other, and you can cross continents.

Eleanore was recovering from her own limp, as well. This had not been a successful campaign for her. New scars for her collection, in any case. She might have been considered pretty once, but this most recent one where the arrow had pierced her shield, and then her left cheek, lodging in the bone, had laid any presumptions of beauty to rest. Twice wounded, laying in the healer's tent for days at a time, waking to find herself alone. At least the first time, even though the army had moved on, some of her troops were still with her. This last time, they had all been killed or captured, and she had been truly alone, in enemy territory. Then to hear an enemy noble calling after her as she rode away ... that part grated. She knew that she had been unsteady enough on her feet that staying to challenge him would have been the height of foolishness, but to run away from a challenge ....

But she was home now. The relief that she had felt seeing the sign at the border in Jyl was like a draft of cool spring water. Soon, she would be in Seven Rivers, rest a bit, then see about hiring some more archers. But first, maybe a bath.

Yes, a bath sounded good. She would be home soon.

29th August

Summer Evening - Bil Havil

Yao Ling Pryde

Yao Ling let the letter slip from her fingers and bowed her head.


Finally and utterly dead.

There had been so many rumors and stories of his death over the years, but this one felt real.

Her cousin had always had a death wish. Well. That might be unfair. He never had really wanted to die. But he'd always charged headlong into battle and dared it to take him.

Now it had.

Her cousin was dead. The patriarch of her family was dead. Her childhood playmate was dead. The man she'd followed to this blighted land when she was a young woman was dead.

Yao Ling found a rock to sit down on and let her eyes roll over the lands of Worvobaen. They had walked these lands together in better days. And in worse. These very hills. Those trees. This road.

She could see him everywhere around her.

And now she would never see him again.

Yao Ling sat on the rock and for the first time in a long time wondered what she should do next. What she COULD do next.

Her oldest friend in all the world was dead, and she did not know what came next.

30th August

Summer Day - Tepmona

Yao Ling Pryde

Yao Ling walked through the forest of Jaekind and watched ghosts of a time long gone.

She stopped at a waterfall and saw the past unfolding all around her.

Several troops of archers had stopped to drink before continuing pursuit of the traitors from Reeds. The uniforms were those of long dead Plergoth, back before even Daishi existed.

She looked upon the old egg symbols and shook her head. They'd all followed Omnivoism in those days. Before the traitors turned it against Creasur. Before the rise of Daishi in defense of the great city.

She watched much younger versions of herself and Regstav drinking in the pool at the bottom of the waterfall and let out a long breath. They'd been so young and innocent back then.

They had been warriors together, gone to a land far from home in search of glory.

Now Regstav had collected the ultimate glory and left Yao Ling behind.

She sat down and just watched everyone drink their fill.

It was so peaceful here, surrounded only by ghosts and memories.

They didn't mind if a random person cried around them.

31st August

Summer Day Tepmona

Yao Ling Pryde

Yao Ling walked through the old temple in Creasur and saw ghosts of the past flowing through the corridors. Was it the first temple? Or the second? Even she couldn't remember anymore.

But she still remembered the Plergoth Civil War. Creasur warring with Reeds and Dyomoque. Omnivoism taking the side of the rebels. Daishi rising to protect Creasur. It was such a long time ago. And she had been a warrior of a different kind in those days.

She and Regstav had fought back to back in defense of Creasur for so long. Fighting Reeds. Fighting Dyomoque. She still remembered the battle when her archers struck down the king of Dyomoque and killed him. She had been a different kind of warrior, for a different kind of war.

Now the three cities were unified once more, as they had not been since she was a young woman. Most people now alive remembered those days only in songs, if even that. Just like Regstav.

Yao Ling stepped out onto an open deck to look upon the city she and Regstav had spent so much of their lives defending. She with words of faith and light after joining the priesthood. He with cold steel and a flaming sword from horseback.

Yao Ling smiled at the memory of that sword. He'd taken the teeth of Daimons he'd help slain and put them in that hilt. She wasn't certain that had ever been a good idea. The Daimons had powerful magic. But he always did think it gave his sword real...ahem...teeth when it came to fighting the Daimons.

Maybe he was right.

Yao Ling sighed and sat down. It certainly wasn't the Daimons that ever managed to kill him, even if they had still taken him away from her. They'd taken Creasur from both of them and cast the city into darkness and blight. They'd sent her running north to Grehkian lands. And they had captured him just outside these walls, in his final fight, defending the last of the refugee columns to leave the fallen city.

Then they sent him away and she never saw him again.

Now he was dead. The man that stood against Daimons and dared them to kill him brought down by the hands of men. Fighting to the end, protecting the armies of three nations from a surprise attack on the way home from a successful campaign.

She would never see him again, but at least she knew that through all of his trials away from these lands, he had never lost that iron stubborness of his. He'd died defending others until the very end.

And now he fought in the armies of Daishi. She would meet him there again. In the next world. They would stand back to back together and laugh at those who thought they could destroy them.

Yao Ling looked foward to that day now more than ever.

Regstav Pryde was dead in this world. Long live Regstav Pryde in the next.

I have enlarged the temple of Creasur. It is once more the largest temple of Daishi, as it was in the days when I and Regstav fought the Daimons together.

My cousin is dead, and this is the tribute I send in memory of him.

"Lo, there do we see our fathers.

Lo, there do we see our mothers.

Lo, there do we see our sisters and our brothers.

The line of our people back to the beginning.

They do call to us to take our places

Where the brave live forever."