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3rd May

= Evening - Ketampkin

Goriad II Gabanus

Goriad had had a long travel behind him coming from Fheuvenem, but he had been hearing rumors of Ar Argyr forces in Ketampkin and as such he wished to arrive before they would leave. When he finally arrived he saw a big camp outside of the main village that flew many different banners. "Good, Sigmund it seems we got in time, that sure looks like Ar Argyr banners doesn't it?" The man standing next to him nodded "It sure is milord, so what now?"

"The horses are tired Sigmund, we go in to greet them of course. I still have an open invitation by Aibhlidhn, better use it."

And so the two men rode towards the main gate of the pallisade eracted around the camp and Sigmund dismounted his horse to announce his Lord: "Grand Herald Goriad II wishes entry. I have an ivitation by your ruler, although she is not yet expecting him."

Aibhlidhn Dubhaine

The soldier in battle-stained armour who stood solitary guard at the gate of the hastily erected rampart eyed Sigmund and Goriad suspiciously, sucking air through his teeth and rubbing his chin with a heavily calloused hand. It'd been a tough day for the Angry Agyrians, a red day, a killing day, a day of notched blades and broken bowstaves.

"You look lively enough," he surmised, "Go on through, you can't miss Queen Aibhlidhn's pavilion. It's the one with two standards outside."

The banners of half-a-dozen Agyrian Great Houses fluttered in the light breeze, each marking a pavilion and it's cluster of soldiers' tents, and at the centre of the encampment the Arms of Ar Agyr and the Scarlet Saltire of Clan Dubhaine.

It was clear as the pair rode through the camp towards the Queen's Pavilion that the Angry Agyrians had recently fought - and lost - a pitched battle. Women bustled from bivouac to bivouac, camp followers nursing the wounded and the dying. Here and there a burial detail drawn from the few uninjured warriors bore the corpses of their fallen shield-brethren to the waiting funeral pyres, their faces sombre as they carried out their grim task.

And when they reached the Queen's Pavilion they found Aibhlidhn and her knights in conference, not a single one of them unmarred.

4th May

Evening — Ketampkin

Goriad II Gabanus

When Goriad II entered the camp it looked like a warzone and he could not help but smirk.

"Aibhlidhn," he said as he saw what must've been the Queen "Welcome to the south. You've come at a strange time, although from the looks of it you already found that out," a slight grin appeared on his face.

"The great undead and monster hordes of the south are collectively moving up. I've learned that it were the daemons who raised these hordes during the invasion to keep the south chained. But now they're moving up. I believe the recent attempt of opening a door to the Netherworld in Ardmore may have somehow broken their magical chains keeping them south. We can only be glad that the daemon magic could not hold steady in Ardmore and the portal collapsed. I can explain you why that happened, but I've spoken long enough."

Aibhlidhn Dubhaine

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet in person Goriad,” Aibhlidhn’s wry smile and informal attire - a half-buckled arming jack and armoured hose - spoke of a Queen well used to the vicissitudes of war, “I trust your journey hasn’t been too fatiguing. Would you care for refreshments?”

A page appeared unbidden from the Queen’s pavilion bearing a jug of wine and several pewter cups.