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5th December

Daytime - Jyl

Mara Aurelius

Mara and Captain Margarita rode on horseback entering Jyl. The fog was just lifting from the warmth of the sun.

Captain Margarita wore worn leather armor that was nothing special and carried an assortment of weapons. One weapon in particular was a crescent blade, all black, with a gold dragon breathing flames from the hilt up the blade. She carried a mediocre bow and quiver on her back and the other weapons were covered up but you could easily tell there were a couple of swords.

The Queen wore her normal traveling attire of black cloak and a scarf that hid most of her face. One eye green and the other covered with an eye patch. Perhaps she suffered a gruesome injury which is the reason why her face is covered. The only weapon visible was a bow of ordinary quality.

They entered Jyl on the main road from across the bridge to the north and hoped they would be successful this time.

Evening - Lloringel

An Eerie Echo

As night falls, and the people of Beluaterra look out in fear, determination, or resignation at the hordes of undead and monsters just beyond their walls and the lights of their lamps and torches, a sudden and unexpected hush falls over the land.

In the midst of that strange quiet, a sound echoes across Beluaterra—it seems like the sound of a distant bell. Perhaps a bell...underwater?

That sound means little or nothing to most of the humans on the island. But the ranks of marching skeletons and the rampaging beasts all turn their attention southward as it ripples past them.

7th December

Evening - Fronepu

Mara Aurelius

Queen Mara and Captain Margarita reach the city of Fronepu in order to conduct their business with the Queen of Ar Agyr. Captain Margarita could hardly contain her excitement. She was going back home to slay some lions. Mara on the other hand could fool anyone with having an expressionless face but she too felt the same way as her captain.

After being captured by the enemy for the 4th time, Mara was sure she'd be executed and didn't expect to be shipped off to Thalmarkin. It's been 60 days since they've been home and questions began to form in their head. Was there still a war? How much of their realm has changed? Will there be anyone they know to greet them? Everything is always uncertain when your so far away.

Anxious to find out, they don't spend anytime sightseeing. Short and sweet, just how Mara likes it.

8th December

Evening - Fronepu

A Procession of Terror

As the days go by, it becomes clearer and clearer that the monsters and undead (at least, most of them) are riveted by something in the south. Small groups join up into larger bands like rivers flowing to the sea, all marching, skittering, galumphing, or crawling toward the south. Dozens of monsters leap into the ocean of the Avalonian Coast and start swimming, or knock down trees to form makeshift rafts. Hundreds of undead simply march straight into the water and keep going, heading inexorably southward.

The woods and fields of the northlands have grown unusually quiet.

18th December

Evening - Seven Rivers

Elured Edain

"Give me my Hammer!" the Witch-king shouts to his captain as he stands in front of the shut entrance gate to the palace of Wudenkin.

Thhe captain gives the signal and immediately three soldiers of the Morgul Guard come over carrying the mighty Silver Hammer of Evangeline, the preferred melee weapon of the Witch-king in melee combat. A gift from his relatives from East Continent, a mighty hammer of a long-gone queen of a once mighty human realm. A hammer so big, that it needs to be carried by three men, and just in the size for the giant Witch-king.

Elured takes the Hammer and smashes the gate open and its wings fall out of the hinges as the way is open inside. The Witch-king enters the palace, the occupation of Bara'Khur had begun...

25th December

Day - Bisana

Sounds from the South

As the first light of day spills over Mhed, with most of the people asleep in their beds, no matter how far from the southernmost sea, a dream comes to them, of how things there must be...

For most of a month now, the undead and the beasts have crowded through Jidington, wrecking its streets. It's not at all obvious why they are here, or what their intent is, besides causing fear. Now, though, their chaos gradually shifts into new order. Monsters that drift this way and that, milling about are starting instead to sort themselves out and form into patterns: circles, then lines. Undead, too, are starting to all march in time, and the terrible din that has been like a fence around the city has faded to blissful silence.

But then, as the undead and monsters all join claw in hand, the dreamers and those who could hear on the wind all heard a new sound near the drowned Eno: it starts in quite low...then it does start to grow...

In voices that range from the peep of a frog to the deepest of bellows, as old as the fog, all the undead and monsters stand in a great ring that goes all the way round the whole city, and sing,

Bat-tle-Mas-ter, Bat-tle-Mas-ter welcomes Christmas, one calm day!

Bat-tle-Mas-ter, Bat-tle-Mas-ter, let's be peaceful, come what may!