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17th August

Daytime - Marpii

Bad Weather? Good Weather?

Beluaterra rumbles. Sand dunes shift shape and the seas withdraw from the coasts. Landslides careen down mountain slopes. Stormclouds gather above. The thunder rolls. Lightning flashes through the sky, striking the ground. The wind whips through Beluaterra, bringing salty sea smells to central Beluaterra. Peasants claim to see a fierce face within the clouds. Nonsense, obviously. The rumours still surge throughout the commoners. Bovine look confused. Priests at the local temple offer sanctuary. False oracles prophesy that all is well. Sheep are on edge.

In Hcallow, Tahgalez, Kording, and Watersdown, five adventurers find themselves the target of lightning strikes originating from the beam of portal energy as their portal stones attract the magical-electricity. When the portal stones are struck, they erupt. In small explosions for Herbert 'The HalfBreed' and Sabre. In moderate explosions for Khamul and Jane. In a large explosion for Conugo.

Meanwhile in Rummannen, Mordok is enjoying a campfire in the middle of the day. Why? I don't know. Perhaps the dark clouds? Ask him why he has a campfire mid-day. Anyway, Jayne is hoping her laundry finishes drying on a clothesline in Glongin before its too late. And Aaron is napping away outside in Pequad, apparently sleeping through all the lightning.

None are prepared when the clouds above finally gush forth, causing flash floods throughout the land. Flash floods that sweep thousands of undead and hundreds of monsters away into the sea. Flash floods that miraculously fail to cause damage to human lands. This time peasants claim to have seen a gentle face within the waters. There's always new peasant nonsense.

The rains cease; the floods dissipate. Winds calm. Silence reigns. Ominous clouds part. The crickets cautiously begin their chorus. Bovine and sheep resume grazing. The seas return to the beach. The landslides do not move back up the mountain.

Evening - Fronepu

Ehrich Weisz

Rumours spread that inside Castle Iato the great hall had been requisitioned by The Imperial Alchemists, and it had seen a hive of activity for many weeks. Pinned to a board against the feasting table was a check list for collecting portal stones of which only 6 had been ticked off, but most activity centred round competing projects presented across the hall. A model of the continent had been created initially to test various migratory theories but was then adopted as a testing board for competing plans for what to do with the stones; schemes to be supplemented by the amassed skills of the proudest alchemists in the land.

One team had studied exclusively on the core subject of transmuting base metals into gold, some of which would hopefully have been spent fighting the rogues but which it was more often argued should be spent on refining the process of turning base metals into gold.. Others had looked at brewing blessed concoctions to protect the Vales’ most besieged city with enchanted defences, but this group too were divided by those looking at bolstering defences with great vats of brimstone broth or greek-fire and those looking to enchant the stones of the walls themselves. The third group had squabbled over an elixir of life to be blessed by the portal to either enchant a champion or great weapon destined to be the saviour of the land. All factions competed bitterly for Imperial patronage believing their personal projects alone could prove the answer to the plague of monsters.

As the dramatic events of the great tidal surge unfolded, the simplicity of the solution began to sink in and the senior alchemist poured a simple jug of water over the model to simulate the effect of the monsters being swept away. Yes, water that ought to work he thought sweeping away the complex apparatus he had been working on until now.

And so the great assembly of alchemists were dismissed back to their private studies. Towards the back of the room the would-be gold transmuting alchemists began packing away their project with greatest care.. we were so close to a break through their scholar cursed to himself!