Demolition Workshop

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A Demolition Workshop is a type of building that can be built by a Lord in their region.

Info at a Glance

Name: Demolition Workshop
Produces: Demolition Tools
Region Type: So far only known to be built in Townsland regions
Cost to build: Expensive. Less than a House of Healing, but more than a Traders Supplies shop
Upkeep cost: 5 gold per week


The use for Demolition Tools (or even the existence of Demolition Workshops) has not yet been officially announced. We have only been unofficially told that this has been implemented (see Trivia), and that they can be used to destroy recruitment centers in regions.


Very little is known about Demolition Workshops so far, so by necessity much of this will need to be conjecture until we get some hard facts.

  • There have been some confirmations that (some) Townsland regions can build Demolition Workshops, but cities cannot.
  • TimothyC has hinted that cities can't build them, by saying "You can't build them in cities because they're too dangerous? too many people around if it all goes BOOOM!"

Help Needed

Please help us fill out this table. It seems that the number of buildings that the region already has will have an effect on the cost of a Demolition Workshop (just like other buildings). But it's unclear if other factors (RCs, region type) have an effect. It's also not known what the cost is for each number of buildings.

Cost Number of
buildings already
? 1
260 2 From Paisland, a Townsland region, 2 RCs as well.
280 gold 3 From Soniel, a Townsland region
320-370 gold 4 From Soniel, a Townsland region
390-460 gold 5 From Soniel, a Townsland region
550 gold 6 From Soniel, a Townsland region, 1-2 RCs as well.

Note 1: Destroying an RC had no effect on the cost of creating any new buildings. Destroying one of the shops/buildings however had an immediate effect on creating new buildings.
Note 2: I tore down a bunch of buildings. As I did so, I noticed the price. When I was down to 3 buildings, I built the Demolition Workshop. Then I built up more buildings. The costs were not the same, hence the variance in price. This seems to imply it's not based on the number of buildings. It's probably something else, such as the total cost invested in buildings in the region already. Still, this table should show you a range, and gives you an idea of the costs.


  • Demolition Workshops were first discussed on the D-List in November 2010. Replies were cryptic, other than to confirm that it was implemented in the game.
  • In the region of Soniel the people who work in the Demolition Workshop are known as "arcane artificers", or just "artificers" for short. The people who actually carry the demolition tools are called fools.