Daubeny Family

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Daubeny Family
Fame 24
Wealth 3295
Home Region Ygg d'Razhuul
Home World Dwilight

Daubeny Nobles

Marcus Daubeny

Marcus is a noble of Obia'Syela

Hervis Daubeny

Hervis is a cavalier in the service of Tol Goldora.

Michael Daubeny

Michael is a travelling Noble

Daubeny Adventurers

Cedrik is a Adventurer of Shattered Vales

Blackstone Nobles

Sabatheil Blackstone Daubeny

Sabatheil is Dame of Halcyon

Leona Blackstone Daubeny

Leona is a Noble of Vix Tiramora

Apollyon Blackstone Daubeny

Apollyon is a knight of Perleone

Blackstone Adventurers

Duncan is a Adventurer of Thalmarkin

Gerald is a Adventurer of Sirion

Ibraheil is a Adventurer of Outer Tilog