Darkstar Family

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House Darkstar

House Darkstar was founded on 21 October 2004 in the realm of Carelia in the region of Scarbran. Since it's founding House Darkstar has became a wealthy but relatively unknown family.


Count Strife - Cavalier
Strife was the first of House Darkstar to set up in to the world to make is fortune. During his years of dedication in service to Carelia he has risen up the ranks and is now a respected Cavalier of the realm. For his dedicated service he was appointed Count of Tarkhog, a small region on the edge of the realm.

Lasanar.png Vincent

Count Vincent - Trader
Vincent is the second of the House Darkstar, and currently hails of the realm of Lasanar where he is the Count of Anaos, as well as the Banker of realm.

Vincent originally began his career in the realm of Ikalak where he fought to keep the people free from the aggressive realm to the south. After the war turned to a stand still the Titans intervened and Ikalak fell. After making his way across the seas Vincent settled into Lasanar where he became a trader to get away from the tidings of war, and with time was honored with promotion to the position of Banker, and soon after, Count.


Edward - Hero
Edward is a hero of Wetham, and while still unknown, he is determined to become famous or die trying.