Darkstalker Family

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Darkstalker Family.

The Darkstalker family has been mired in the past with stories of corruption and treachery from both within the family and from those supposedly loyal to the family, let the record show that, despite the rumours and heresay surrounding this family, their honour and loyalty has been proven time and time again in both times of war and times of peace.

The family are simple, down to earth, people trying to muddle through along with countless other families. The military lifestyle has not been the way of the Darkstalker family, trading and hard work is the crux of this family's background.

There is are two children in the Darkstalker family, Dayius, son and heir to all that the family have nad his younger sister Syn....

Dayius Darkstalker - beloved son and heir.

Dayius is the eldest child in the Darkstalker family and as such is prized by his parents.

The family business of trade was never in young Dayius' blood and he long to serve a greater cause, to prove his worth in battle and quash the rumours surrounding his family. This drive has landed the young Dayius in many 'unpleasant' situations with the children of other local families, Dayius would happily fight for his family's honour, win, lose or draw he would always fight and never back down.

It has been clear for many years to Dayius' parents that their only son had a warrior's heart and the call to battle would never leave him and never stop calling his name.

The fortune and future of young Dayius Darkstalker is a tale still being written ....

Syn Darkstalker - beloved daughter.

Little is known of 'the little princess' of the Darkstalker family other than her flame red hair reflects her nature, she is fiery and passionate, about all things. Like her older brother she has the heart of a warrior, still yet to be proven ....