Darkgrave Family

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Family History

The Darkgrave Families origins are long lost to the sands of time. There is a claim that the family are the last of one of the great ancient bloodline of kings that once ruled Dwilight and some of the ancient documents that detail the old realms before the colonisation seem to support the claim. Since the colonisation the family have been living as lessor nobles in the region of Madina Gardens and have been slowly building up the funds and renown that they need to enter the higher nobility that are now the rulers of Dwilight. They have recently achieved this with their firstborn son, Fenriz, who serves Madina as a knight.

The name Darkgrave comes from an ancient myth referring to one of the family. It is said that long ago there was a cruel and unjust ruler of a realm based in the mountains. This ruler was obsessed with his death and preventing it and he conducted some research into making himself immortal. However before he could finish his research he was taken ill and upon his deathbed he ordered that he was given the potion he had created. The potion allowed the king to continue living but he found his flesh and skin continuing to decay. He had become the first undead. The king was enraged and in his anger he slew his servants and locked himself away in his castle. For year he studied and finally he realised how to animate the dead. And so did he unleash the undead upon the living. Many innocent people were slain and there was much fear across the land. The tale the bards tell said that one brave knight stood against the undead and defeated them in battle. He rode to the caste and slew the old king in after three days of single combat. The name Darkgrave was given to this knight and the family carry the name proudly to this day in honour of their ancestor.


Fenriz Darkgrave had a normal upbringing as a lessor noble, but was groomed from birth to be the first of the Darkgrave Family to take his place among the higher nobility. He studied sword fighting, riding, the art of war as well as pursuits which would be suited for peace such as dancing and hunting and was always taught to have an interest in reading and study. As a young man he met a priest of Estianism who taught him something of the faith and the principles that the religion promotes have stayed with him throughout his life and affected many of the decisions he has made. He is currently serving Madina as a Knight of Bol.