Darch Family

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Vorenus- Vorenus is the youngest brother of the Darch Family and was the second of his family to settle in this world and chose to settle in Atamara in the great Cagilan Empire. He has always been overshadowed by his two elder brothers Brian and Shalimar and because of this is always imbued with a rage from which he only finds release during battle. After fighting the hordes of Undead that had invaded the Caglian Empire Vorenus was imprisoned in a rouge prison for a week and decided that he must do better in the future and followed in the footsteps of his brother Brian and became a hero.

Shalimar- Shalimar "The Clown" is the eldest of the three brothers and the third to settle here and followed his youngest sibling Vorenus to Atamara but chose to settle in the great realm of RedSpan where he had heard great warriors who fought to the last breath were to be found. Shalimar's loyalty to RedSpan is surpassed by nothing besides perhaps his loyalty to his brother Brian. After his first battle against the invaders of Darka and Talerium he quickly converted to "Da Way" and forever proclaimed that Da great one was watching over and protecting him. Shalimar grew to loath his brother Vorenus when the Cagilan Empire attacked Redspan and was openly happy about the wounding of Vorenus at the first battle of Stargard.