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Hashikawa(NPC) is the head of the Dan Family and lived a rich life and has retired to a quiet life in Glassinn. Narahashi(NPC)is his brother and father of Hanato he lives in a far off land.

The family Tree



Elena was a great hero, a woman who fought at the front with her men. She created the family's motto "To die with honour, when one can no longer live with honour" which she believed in so truly. though the only real thing in her heart was Abington which she lived for and sadly died for Abington and in a great battle defending Abington.


Dargoth is the oldest son of noble birth of the great Hashikawa Dan who lives his retired life in the region of Glassinn in Abington. Dargoth is a man of his word he believes and in justice and honour. Since he ask men to fight for him he sees it as his duty to fight with them at the front and risk his own life. He committed Seppuku when it was seen that Taselak was to sink.


Naoko is lady of shadows, she always was one who managed to listen in to adults conversions. Who could steal the cakes of the chief's table with such speed. But when her father Hashikawa finally caught her he gave her a stern talk about honour she went out her way to prove she was noble and became a great warrior in an elite unit called the Heavy Striker Group in the great realm of Taselak. Now that she has proven her self she has stepped into the dark and become a lady of the shadows. She has gone to Old Grehk to train. After a long time and loads of money spent she returned to Taselak to fight with her new skills. leaving her mark on the realm she left and head back to Old Grehk when she thought Taselak was doomed(fortunately she was wrong). She took her chance for a 1200 bounty and failed....badly. Not only did she get caught but she slightly wounded him thus not getting the bounty but still committing the act. Her greed caused Sint to attack Old Grehk. Naoko is now a rouge knight looking for a place to stay. She has found a place to live in Vlaanderen and his now prove her noble worth again from the start. After a few weeks livening with Arcane as there "god" she joined the underground and supported the rebellion when it starred to remove the daemon threat. Sadly this was not enough in the eyes of Vlaanderens enemies so Vlaanderen was destroyed for its crimes. Naoko has now joined Heen and will do her best to help stop all daemons.


Hanato is a long lost cousin who came looking for Elena and other relatives but sadly a few days before he arrived in Abington the hero Elena was killed in a tragic battle. He served the realm until the last moment when lords betrayed the realm and succeeded in the name of "protecting" Abington. Awashed with sorrow he found serenity in becoming Priest of Magna Serpaensism. He then joined the realm Protectorate of Magnus. It was deystoryed by the other citys of old Abington. With no where to go he went to Ash Sea Islands. Hanato grew eary of his priestly robe and longed for battle before his age cought up with him. He knew he was not a young man anymore. So he layed his robe at the foot of the temple and went to his family vault from it he pulled his.... legendary sword The Black Death.


Kumiko is a bastard daughter of Hashikawa. When Hashikawa found out this he tried his best to make her feel at home but her homeless days and made her the women of freedom she is. Her thirst for brawling and her interest in undead made her an outcast to the nobles her age. She finally had to flee after she killed a man who had insulted her sanity. Where she arrived in Old Grehk in Beluaterra and quickly took up the profession of an outlaw. she fought undead and monster with zeal and strength but alas not enough. it was heard that an undead champion slew her.


Cronkor came on one of the many colonizing boats to Dwilight. He arrived there with only a double sided war axe and his "claim" to be the adopted son of Hanato's father. He lived with a barbaric tribe for the majority of his life which made him appear so bloodthirsty. Alas one day he returned from hunting for meat and he found them all slaughtered by a horde of undead. He withdrew into himself and picked up his axe and vowed to slay all the vile undead and strange monsters he came across. For revenge and glory!

It was heard his body was found mutilated by undead...