Dakka Family

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The Dakka Family

Fame 10 Wealth 1095 gold

Fame Breakdown

1 fame point: Character prestige 10

1 fame point: Family prestige 20

1 Fame point: Character prestige 20

1 Fame point: Family prestige 50

3 Fame points: Legendary hero death

1 Fame point: Appointed as a Count

2 Fame points: Unknown possibly from high skill with Lornak and or purchase of unique item.


The Dakka family hails from the warrior folk of Meldeen and all carry the same dream of becoming legendary heroes. Members of the Dakka family enjoy three things: Fighting, drinking, good friends, and not having to learn how to count. Each member of the Dakka family uses a weapon crafted by the finest blacksmiths of Stargard and passed through their family for generations.

The Dakka family relies on it's young men to gain it the most valuable of treasures, Fame. At birth they are assigned a member of the Dak family that has very weak ties to noble blood. This person becomes their mentor and teaches them the essential of of life. When they turn eight years old the Dakka boy is then sent to a military college in Taselak City to learn basic sword fighting, jousting, and leadership skills essential to knights. At fifteen they are assigned a scribe to accompany them throughout their life and are loaned out to dungeons to act as wardens and learn more about filing dispatches and commanding men. When they turn seventeen they are given their inheritance as well as a small group of soldiers and are sent to find their destinies.