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Many Tribes are needed to show the beauty of nature

Dagdaism - Born out of the Elements


Humans are only one Tribe among others on this plane. To connect the different tribes and contributing as well as gather the wisdom of the elements is the spiritual way of the shamans of Dagdaism. Gatherings are held on planes all tribes can reach and the chieftains of the respective tribes are sharing their teachings with each other. The way of the Spirits.
When all tribes are connected the Golden Age of Equality will arise. There is much work to do and our technics and rituals help us to keep the connection open and join the gatherings of our relatives, the Spirits and chieftains of the Tribes.
Dagdaism is a religion that follows the tradition of verbal teachings and scripts might appear some day but it is very unlikely.


2008-03-18 20:07:09 Founded by Caitlin Stormcrow in Chaos Temple

Politics & Economy

In general the Order is not involving itself with politics or economy.
There might be situations where individuals seek the wisdom of the Order to solve different conflicts or to help with their guidance in diplomatic missions.
If the mission is not contradicting the principals of equality the elders will name a worthy priest to fullfill this task.


The founding of Dagdaism
It was in the late afternoon when Caitlin reached the place the spirits had told her to search on the north side of the vulcano. Wearing cloth she made from deers leather and packed with all the necessary objects she approached the warm and foggy spot.

It was a pond of hot water surrounded by black smokers. The Fire and Water was strong here and she praised the Elements for their decision.

Building up the altar like she was instructed took her about 3 hours. The Lava Stone was easy to carve and she had no difficulties to cut in the needed symbols representing the Dagdas of several tribes.

Once finished the woman started to brew a tea out of several herbs, mushrooms she had gathered the last weeks and the water from the pond. Drinking the tea she started singing and drumming and calling the spirits of the Islands to this most sacred place.

After a while Caitlin lied down and concentrated on the pictures and messages the spirits would share.
It was after midnight and Caitlin opened her eyes and watched the sky. A light wind had blown away the fog from the hot pond and the air smelled fresh and clean when a breeze from the sea touched her face.

This is what happens when elements and spirits vibrate in equality, she thought and stood up slowly.

But this was not the same woman any more, there was a fire and enthusiasm in her eyes that prosecuted her slow movements. Slow, aware would be a better description.

She looked at the altar that she build and sent a small prayer to the Dagdas of the tribes.

"Thank you all for sharing this with us. The Human Tribe is joining you now."

Then she turned around and headed for the Stronghold, the plans to the Temple in her head.

Solaria and the White Tree of Oroya
The last night I had a dream, I saw the white tree burning. But I also saw a caryopsis floating down from the sky, it seemed as it would be carried by a greater might then everything I felt before in my life.

Then a voice spoke to me: "Even if the last tree falls, I am still here and I cant be chopped down, as long as there are people who carry the trees and forests in their hearts just like you! Find the grain of the future!"

So this means to me that I have a new task.

I would like to ask you mother, if [...] i could become a priestess?!

Letter to all Dagdaists after the loss of Mother Caitlin

Children. Ive been looking for mother Caitlin in Sirion, where she has been seen last, entering the woods of Rolbar. but it seems that she is lost. Nobody has seen her or heard anything of her in the last few weeks. Also i cant find her in the ether anymore and even the dagdas are in fear, that something has happened to her, but none of the Dagdas could tell me where she could be because the connection to the trees is lost since Ora, the white tree is gone.As you may could see in the last years, the trees have begun to starve and the woods have begun to wither. As you may can imagine, this was not a good sign to me and ive been very worried. Then, two years after ive lost my home in obando and joined the Islands, i had a vision. My consciousness was levitating many hundred feet over the eastern continent, inside the ether. I looked down tho the Obsidian Islands which where covered in an redishgolden glow. On the central Island i saw the volcano glowing as bright as a small sun with an ray of light coming out of its center and shining directly into the dark sky, where it broke up into hundreds of thousands of branches connecting itself to the stars.The volcano was surrounded by some spots of different sizes that shined a little stronger then the rest of the islands. When i looked at the woods of Sirion, i only could see darkness with a few places of remaining light. Suddenly, a strong ray of light flashed up in the sky and disappeared again in the same second and a dot of light started to float down from the point where the light where in the first place, to somewhere in the woods of sirion. When i looked at it, i saw that it was a small seed. Suddenly i knew that this was the seed of Ora and that i had to look for it.

Five years ive been waiting for the right moment and for mother Caitlins sanction for my travels but when she was lost i started to look for her and the seed immediately. Ive travelled the woods of Sirion inside the ether, and i can tell you that it has become even worse in the last few years. Where i can remember glowing places of power there are now shadows lurking everywhere and odd noises are sounding far through the darkness that consumes everything just about fifteen feet around you. Even if i could not find mother caitlin and she will be missed dearly, my travels where not without success though.

Ive found the Seed of Ora. While is was walking from the central clearance in the woods of rolbar down south to the center of the forests i suddenly spotet light in the ether when i came up to it, i saw the seed, lying in a small, flickering ray of light in the middle of darkness. As it seemed, i came in the last second. Since mother caitlin is gone, i have to take the Position as the new mother of the order and also need a new apprentice that, in later times will learn every knowledge that exists from the dagdas. I will tell you about my decision about who this apprentice will be in the next few weeks.

Now i have to talk to the remaining priests of the Order of the White Tree, where the seed should be planted. I also ask you, children, where the best place for the new white tree could be.

The Initiation of Gregory

As you enter the rather dim lighted Temple, the first thing you notice are the many strange scents that float through the air, manifesting themselves in the unbelievable many fumes of smoke that billow through the air, nearly hindering your sight. But even with that much smoke in the air, you dont notice any shortage of breath. Quite the contrary, you feel like you can breathe easier now after you inhaled three or four deep breaths of the smoke. The second most striking thing are the 20 acolites that sit around the outher walls, humming a guttural choir that seems to soothe every muscle in your body and you mind starts to relax in the very moment.

First you where only able to notice something on the very boundaries of your mind, but now you can feel it. Something that you can just describe as a tremor of the fabric of reality itself. Everything starts to move around you but somehow you manage to keep yourself conscious enough to not fall to the ground. Out of the fumes that now do have multiple colours at once, you suddenly can see the face of Solaria who smiles like a newborn child at your sight.

"Welcome, Child Gregory to the shores of Endlessness. You have just undertaken you first step in you initiation. Please come with me"

She moves ahead to a big Door in front of you and shows you with a gesture that you shall follow her.

As you enter the yard, you see that nearly everything is green. The walls are overgrown with many strange plants that youve never seen before and you cant see the sky from the many trees that grow skywards. In the middle of the yard is a geyser which seams very hot as it steams continuously.

As Solaria reaches the middle of the yard, she sits down in front of the geyser and gestures you to sit down too.

"This was the place where Grandmother Caitlin Stormcrow spoke to the Dagdas the first time and made her first Planeswalk. Through many meditations i have attuned this place to myself and it now is the most powerfull gateway upon the eastern continent." "Before you, Child Gregory, lies a journey that will change you life forever. You will make your first planeswalk now if you are ready."

She stands up and takes a wooden bowl with her. You start to rise too but Solaria just Gestures you that you should stay where you are. She walks up to one of the plants on the walls and picks a flower of it. The flower that was yellow before now starts to change her colour from yellow over green to a deep blue and stays that way. Then she turns around to another plant just like if she was dancing and plucks a leave of of it. This goes on for a while and you start to wonder which kind of strange tea the elderly woman would cook for you. After a while she returns to you and sits down at the spot where she sat before.

Suddenly her hand glides into the water that still appears to you if it was boiling. She notices your appalled face and says "Dont worry child, soon you wild grasp reality a little else then other humans do" while she pulls out a round stone and starts to grind up the herbs in the bowl with it and starts to sing with the same deep, guttural voice that the accolites did when you entered the temple. The only difference that you notice is that her voice seems way more distant and powerfull in some kind then the voice of the accolites where.

"What you have seen so far is nothing compared to the real knowledge that true Planeswalkers do have." "Now tell me, Child Gregory. Are you ready to undertake this journey?"

Roleplay from Gregory House

Gregory looks around, amazed by everything he can see and hear. He takes it all in, and stops when he hears the question of if he is ready. Gregory takes a deep breath and turns to Priestess Solaria, "Yes, I am ready." and then begins to follow.

Gregorys first Planeswalk

"Hahaha" Solaria giggles like a child. "No, gregory. This is not what i meant" She says while smiling at you. "How do you know what i was just doing?" You ask her. "It is easy. I can see your spirit when it leaves your body." Solaria says while still smiling at you. "You have to squint your eyes a little bit and try to movethem from left to right just a very small bit but very fast." Just try it.

You try what she just said while looking at the stone and it does not work immdiately. You try and try and after about two minutes your eyes start to shiver like it was a movement that you can not control and it starts to work. Where the stone was plain a few seconds ago you can now see a light Reddish Golden glow just like the one that you can see above the caldera when you look up into the sky. "Now you can see, dont you?" "Yes, have you seen it too?" You ask. "No. But you made a rather stunned face when it worked." Solaria says while she laughs very loud. "Give me your hand and follow me."

You do ash she asks and you two walk through the stone formation. Suddenly your stomach jumps up to where usually your heart should have been and your head starts to appear four meters before your body while your feet falls under your armpit.

While you still feel completely overwhelmed by the shock that youve just been through you realize that youve left your body and now are on a plane where nothing but whiteness exists. Out of the witeness you suddenly hear Solarias words. " "are you allright?" You look to your right and realize that she still is right next to you. "Welcome to the plane of gathering she says and with her words the witeness moves away and gives place to a green paradise.

"Where exactly are we?" You ask. "This is the plane of Gathering, where every Dagda of every species that does exist on our plane can come and talk to each other. Lets try and find Ora. The Dagda of the white tree. It usually is here around somewhere" "Grombarrrum, Solaria. Its a very long time since youve visited us for the last time."

The Voice is so Loud and soft at the same time that you feel staggered when you hear it right behind you and do not dare to turn around.

"Ora! Indeed, Its been too long. We just wanted to go look for you, but a tree is very well connected and knows what happens next, hmmm ?!" Solaria says to the entity behind you which you still fear so much that you cant turn around. Slowly you gather yourself again and start to turn around. What you see nearly staggers you for a second time but you can keep control of yourself. Right in front of you stands a rather big Tree that is glowing in a bright white. But it is not a Ordinary Tree.It has a face and its branches are shaped like arms and legs. "Grobmaromm. Who is this? Tell me solaria!" The Tree asks rather slowly and with its very deep and saturated voice. "This is a new Planeswalker of our Race. His name is Gregory and this is his first walk." "Hmmmm. Gregory." The Tree Looks at you in a way that is indescribable and feels like he is digging inside your heart and your sooul. But how are you supposed to describe how a tree looks at you. Three days ago you wouldnt even have believed that trees could look anyhow. "Hrmmmm. Welcome to the Planes, Gregory House from Al Arab who now lives on the Islands." The tree looks at Solaria and she starts to smile at you. "I have to go now, We will see each other very soon Solaria and Gregory." The tree says while you still look at Solaria As you look for it, the dagda of the Trees has gone again and you are again surrounded by the dense jungle that youve been at before.

"We also should go back to Mundus, Gregory. To make his first walk too long is not a good thing" Solaria says while taking your hand. Everything starts to spin around you and you feel like you fall asleep.

As you come back to your senses you are in the Chaos Temple once again and lying on a wolfspelt in front of the hot pond in the center of the Temple. Solaria sits right next to you, staring into the pond like she could see something inside of it but instantly notices that you are awake. "Have i just dreamed?" You ask her. "A sort of but not a dream like you know it. It was reality in your mind. Its a little hard to explain but i am quite shure that you will understand it after a few hours of meditation" "The wolfs pelt that you are lying on now shall be your totem and your guidance. Wear it at all times and you will be forever connected to the planes." "You should rest and meditate on what youve just learned and then come back to me when you have new questions that you cant answer by yourself. But first try to answer them to yourself." "Every temple on the Islands stands now open for your use."

"You are now also allowed to talk to the Dagdaists about the truth and enlightenment of the planeswalkers."

"Walk your own path and you can never be wrong, child Gregory."


There are two pathes one can follow when joining the "Human Tribe"

They are equal in importance and wouldnt be able to exist without each other.

The one way is the supporting way, the caring way, the way that brings the freedom of contemplation. This way we call the Path of Earth, cause it is the base and builds the foundation for the other way.

This way is the searching way, the connecting way, the way that brings wisdom and serenity. This way we call the Path of Fire, cause it is the everlasting flame that keeps the hearts and minds moving, thinking, feeling ... living.

The Fire needs the wood that is growing from the Earth or it wouldnt even exist, the Earth would be cold and clammy without the warmth of the Fires of Wisdom.