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The D'Espana family from Port Nebel (Dwilight) has a fame of 25 and family wealth of 7,330 gold.

D'Espana Family Tree.png

  • Blue squares represent recognized male members of the family, pink squares represent recognized female members of the family and white squares represent unrecognized members of the family, valid for both male and female.
  • Thick bold lines between two characters at the same level establish a marital relationship, thin regular lines between two characters at the same level establish an extramarital affair.
  • Slightly bolder names within the squares represent characters that are confirmed to be alive, slightly faded names within the squares represent characters that are either confirmed or presumed dead (can also be used for characters whose fate and whereabouts have remained unknown for an extended period of time).

Family Fame


Short history

The D'Espana family stems from Port Nebel, a region that has been part of the realm of D'Hara since long time ago. Although the D'Espana family has lived in Port Nebel for countless generations, it has started to become known in the latter years, as some of its members have earned fame and prestige enough to distinguish themselves from the minor nobility.

The ascension of the D'Espana family started with Erethorn D'Espana, a minor noble who was renowned for his brusqueness, his lack of social and political interests and, especially, for his amazing swordfighting skills. After some unfortunate events, he was granted a house and some lands in exchange for his immediate and permanent public dissapearance, which still remains after such a long time.

Erethorn D'Espana married Mariah little after his forced confinement, and they brought up their children in the family house among the relatives of each other, who had been invited to live with them because of the house's great size and nobleness. When his descendants became adults, they were blessed and encouraged to pursue their dreams and make a name for themselves, so they left the family house and sought their fate in their own. The D'Espana family was starting its take off...


The beginning of the ascension

The husband


Erethorn D'Espana is an old man, although he still keeps a great deal of energy for his advanced age. He has grey hair and dark eyes, but no one except his wife has never deducted the exact colour of his iris. He was never quite tall and now he is losing height over time, so he is currently touching the 1,50 meters. His body was shaped trough the hunting and the swordfighting, so even now he still keeps most of his former strenght, and thus has a nice set of muscles and just a bit of belly, gained mainly in the last years, for a weight of 60 kilogrammes.

He deeply dislikes any kind of political or social interaction not targetted to someone of his family, and thus avoids to talk or even to think about such matters. His rudeness and lack of formality are widely known all over D'Hara, as well as his incredible swordfighting skills. He loves hunting and training such skills, and is deeply in love with his wife, Mariah D'Espana, the only person in the world he would never harm nor hurt even in the slightest way. However, every now and then he would make an occasional visit to any local woman commoner, enjoying the pleasures of being a nobleman and taking advantage of his social position.

The wife


Erethorn's children

Legitimate children



Bastard children



Ghaundan's wife and children



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Bastard children


Guldor's wife and children



Legitimate children


Bastard children


Gellaer's wife and children



Legitimate children


Bastard children