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House of d'Arricarrère

The ancestors of the d'Arricarère Family originate from the coast of Vyanar, facing and frequently traveling to Walefishire. In time, they settled in that town, and grew in prosperity. The migration to Golden Farrow cemented and secure their status, rising from lower nobility to a position of power and prestige.



NPC father of Lucious, Morlock, Torpius and Felicie, he raised them in Golden Farrow during and before the existence of Caerwyn. In the meantime he also distributed his seed among several common girls of varied reputations. He sent each of his noble children to a different location to allow them a chance at making fortune and glory.

Mahaut Kimbrogue

NPC mother of Frederic, she raised him in Vyanar, during and before the Caerwynian presence.

Inès Krause

NPC mother of Arnaud. Emigrated to Arcaea, Far East, in where she raised him.

Claudine Beaugarnée

NPC sister-in-law of Pierrick and co-sister-in-law of Mahaut. She came with the Lurian immigrants and settled in Pian en Luries, first in Poryatown and later in Askileon. When Myern was founded she moved to Shinnen, returning to the Silver City after its fall. She finally settled back when Shinnen was reclaimed by Luria Nova, helped by the efforts of her nephew Torpius.


The fairest of its brothers, blond hair and light-blue eyes, Lucious was never in love with politics or war. He lived a contemplative life of art and diffuse spirituality, not fully tied to a religion to the family's embarrassment. He was never too attached to things of the mortal world, perhaps except music, so it shouldn't have been the surprise it was his very early depart from this world. The Family was saddened to see a child they invested that much in going to the eternal rest so soon.


Strongly attached to earth, Morlock had very little interest in abstract or spiritual matters, only enduring them as long as they had political consequences. His taste for music was simple, and more complex art didn't appeal him in the least. He followed The Way of the Hammer, as it was the religion of his realm, Caergoth, but had very little interest in it, having been his participation more a sign of devotion to the nation than anything else. He did not lust for blood, but considered war and honor to be fundamental duties. He was of fair complexion, light brown hair, blond beard and amber eyes. His motto was "Honor and Strength". Faithful to it, he risked his life to uphold honor more than once, and had it ended tragically in a death duel against the Duke of Riverholm, where he once served as a knight. He died as Lord of Barnlure and Grand Marshal of Caergoth.

Noble Members


The most spiritual of the brothers, Torpius was always interested in philosophical matters. War is of little interest to him, at least concretely, for he enjoys abstract tactics and political warfare conversation. The family pride for his intellectual prowess has some times been shadowed by some less conservative spiritual theories of his, but all in all he is more of the conciliatory kind, rather than a revolutionary. He has an olive skin complexion, brown hair and brown eyes.


The only daughter of Pierrick, younger between her brothers. She likes to preserve her skin in the untanned color of the non-working nobility, contrasting with her curly brunette hair and deep blue eyes. She is a rather quiet one, who avoids idle chat whenever possible.


He wears a long and curly red beard as well as a long, usually tied, red hair, providing him a jovial look denied by his cold light green eyes. Deeply worried about his image he also enjoys taking part in feasts and any adventures that might risk providing him fame and fortune.


Oldest son of Inès, born and raised in the Far East.


Oldest son of Claudine, born and raised with her until of age to squire for Torpius.


Gorbag (Deceased)

A bastard raised with the low class of Maroccidens, Gorbag had sworn to retrieve his nobility, which he believed was unjustly usurped by his half-brothers. Suffering since childhood, Gorbag learned the world is not a fair or good place. After several beatings, he smartened and got stronger. He then started to fight for glory, prestige, and, of course, money.

He had a tanned skin, slightly reddish, with dark black hair and eyes that seemed to shift according to the light, sometimes light brown, sometimes hazel, sometimes green.

After becoming friends with the Zuma daimon lord Swift Claw he returned to Terran, called by the Magistrate to perform a mission for him. When he met him he was arrested and executed. The Magistrate had not forgotten the time when Gorbag bargained with him for a Unique Item.


Nicole is the daughter of a Caerwynian peasant and a d'Arricarrère young noble, of a short-lived romance before he moved to Golden Farrow with the rest of his family. She inherited her mother's red hair, and his father's dark green eyes. Of fair skin, reddened by the sunlight, she has learned to trick, scam and talk her way out of dangerous situations, having promised raising in social status before presenting herself before her father and demanding her rightful heritage. She moved to Itau, and when that city proved too small for her, she shipped to Beluaterra, in where she struggles on the social ladder.


Serge was a fisherman as his step father, in the Morek Empire, until he learned about his true heritage by his mother, in his twentieth birthday. He was Since then he has decided to travel the world to make fortune and a name for himself, with which to lay claim to his noble heritage, and perhaps a crown too. Unfortunately he is not the brightest of his kin


Sum: 4 points

FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 2000
Sum: 5 points

Sum: 7 points

Sum: 1 points

FB Skill.png
Preaching Skill
Sum: 1 points

FB Unknown.png
Sum: At most 2 points

Total: 20 points

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