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The House of Cuthalion

The Cuthalion family originates from Perdan on the East Continent. There, a minor noble named Aeonar Cuthalion gave birth to three sons. At each son's coming of age, different fates awaited them. The eldest was kept in Perdan and inherited the family estate, while the younger sons were entrusted to guardians and sent across the sea to seek their own fortune. Fortune they found, and the Cuthalion family continues to grow in fame and recognition everywhere from Atamara, to Beluaterra, to the Far East.

1st Generation:                     Aeonar Cuthalion 
2nd Generation:       Feanaro ---------- Olwe  ----------- Adrahil 
                        |                  |
                        |                  |
3rd Generation:       Feanar         Olwe of Toren

Family Members

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Feanaro Cuthalion

  • Eldest son. Began his career in Perdan, currently serves in Falasan.

Olwe the Bold

  • Middle son. Began his career in Taselak, currently deceased.

Adrahil Cuthalion

  • Youngest son. Began his career in Lukon, currently serves in Vice.

Olwe of Toren

Feanar Cuthalion

  • Son of Feanaro Cuthalion. Has yet to start his career.

Cuthalions have varying personalities and character traits, but generally have several unifying characteristics:

  • Natural leaders
  • Very outspoken
  • Highly opinionated
  • Love to argue
  • Easily angered
  • Straightforward
  • Hard working

You can count on a Cuthalion to not only serve their friends and allies, but to always seek to advance their station in life.

(Pictures credited to Wizards of the Coast and Jason Engle)