Curtis Family

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The main branch of the Curtis family consists of the brother and twin-sister Stark and Lysa, residing in the realm of Caergoth in Atamara. A third member of the family, Randyll, a close cousin, resides in the realm of Springdale. Stark, Lysa, and Randyll, represent the sole survivors of Curtis's noble lineage and bloodline -- steeped in the depths of wisdom and warfare.

In General

Little is known about the family, except that they were originally from Matakonis of Atamara.

House Motto

"Quaeso quousque humi defixa tua mens erit? Nonne aspicis, quae in templa veneris?" Translation: “How long will your thoughts continue to dwell upon earth? Do you not behold the heavens to which you have come?”


The twin brother of Lysa, and eldest of the Curtis lineage. Stark represents the family's nature of warfare, willing upon combat with necessity, or conflict. He is fond of his pet crow L'oki, and is rarely seen without her.


An attractive young woman, and twin sister to Stark. Lysa has an unusual fondness for orchids, representative of her focus on wisdom and philosophical nature. Unlike her brother, she is less willing to wield arms.


Close cousin of Stark and Lysa, Randyll has set upon endless journey, seeking knowledge of Curtis bloodline's unknown past.