Cursed Sword of Doom

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Type Weapon
Discovered By Zinn Lightstar
Discovery Date 26 February 2008
Discovery Location Caiyun, Dwilight
Abilities (unknown)
Current Owner Medugnatos Stormcrow


A few more hours of uneventful travelling later, adventurer Zinn approached the main town of Caiyun, fortified by a great wooden palisade. As he entered the gates, peering around curiously, the handful of guards both on the towers and on the ground stared at him warily, perhaps because they had never seen him around these parts before. One of them called down a warning casually as he stepped inside.

"No troublemaking now, you hear? We don't need any of your type wrecking the town..."

Zinn Lightstar nodded, shifting his newly acquired scythe to his other shoulder for a better grip. The weapon did look a bit imposing, he figured, what with the tomato juice still staining it red. He had tried to clean it off at a small brook on the way, but it seemed that the blade's color was hopelessly permanent by now, after who knows how many years of being used in those rabbbears' peculiar rituals.

The sun had begun its journey towards the horizon, but many townspeople were bustling about on their various errands and conducting business at the market. The young man paused at the town square and took a look around himself. There were the stables, over there the market, on this side the tavern, and there...he turned his head...aha! There was the new temple he wished to visit. Zinn made his way slowly to the temple, careful to keep his scythe's blade away from the people he passed. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a guard following him, most likely one from the gates sent to keep an eye on him while he was in town.

At the entrance was a man dressed in a red robe sitting at a desk with stacks of paperwork across the surface. He was busy scribbling something down on one such paper as Zinn strode towards the doorway to enter the temple itself. Without even looking up from his work as the adventurer made to pass him on the way, the cleric addressed the adventurer calmly.

"Ten gold please."

Zinn stopped in mid-step, frozen with his left foot five inches above the ground. He placed his foot down and turned to converse with the cleric.

"But good sir, I am but a traveler wishing to learn more about this new religion of Sanguis Astroism. Can I not be permitted within to appease my dedicated interest?"

The robed man glanced up from his work at the adventurer.

"With a small sum of ten gold, you may do so, gaining the rank of Aspirant in the faith. Only members of the faith are permitted within."

He started to return to his work.

"But good sir, I have come a long way to visit the temple. Are not the townspeople allowed within to learn of the Blood Stars?"

The cleric responded coolly.

"Ah, but you sir, are not one of the townspeople. If you wish to learn about the holy Sanguis Astroism, and if you are as dedicated in your interest as you claim to be, then ten gold is a small price to pay."

Zinn sighed softly, nodding to the man.

"I will return then, with the gold."

"And I shall be waiting."


(To Be Continued...)

Noble Ownership

Medugnatos Stormcrow, Ordermarshal of Morek, Earl of Donghai is spotted wielding the Cursed Sword of Doom while fighting against monsters in Rye in late December 2008.