Covenant Family

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The Covenant Family

Originating from the region of Brive in Perdan, the Covenants have spread to other parts of the world.

On Atamara

  • Foul Covenant, Warrior and former Baron of Cori (in Exile). Currently a knight of Eston.
  • Triock Covenant, Warrior, Knight of Tertul in Darka

On Dwilight

  • Trell Covenant, Warrior, Knight of Farrowfield in Caerwyn


  • Unbeliver, Former count of Tor in Heen, died fighting Daimons.
  • Bannor, Knight of Seggelin, was last seen bravely spreading the word of Tor, in Toren on the South East Isle and has not been heard from in some time
  • Nom Covenant - Lost at sea, presumed dead, Hero and Royal Treasurer of Falasan.