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The Coquard family's main estate is in Middale, part of the Cagilan Empire.

Jacques-Edouard Coquard married Amandine Daumier when she was fourteen, him ten years her elder. At the age of fifteen, Amandine gave birth to the couples eldest child, Jacqueline Aline. Three years later, the couples second daughter, Alexandrine Elisabeth was born. Both parents doted on the children, but the fact that Amandine had not produced a male heir weighed heavy on her mind.

Lord Coquard moved his family out to Middale when the girls were five and two respectfully, thinking the change of scenery would be helpful to his wife's recovery. She was insistent that she provide him a male heir; her health growing weaker after each miscarriage she suffered, three in just about four years. Jacques-Edouard pleaded with his wife that a male heir was not necessary, that he had two strong girls to take over the estate. Amandine was weak, but she was fierce. Jacques-Edouard finally got his wife to admit to just one more attempt, the fear of him losing his wife to great to bear.

In the summer of the following year, Edouard Geoffroy was born. Both parents rejoiced over the newest addition, the life flowing back into Amandine after his birth. Most days, the family could be seen out in the gardens playing, talking, and enjoying life. The enjoyment was short lived, for no more than two winters later Amandine fell ill. A bad cough transformed into something worse, and shortly after Candlemas she passed away. Jacqueline was ten, Alexandrine seven, and young Edouard only two.

Distraught by the death of his beloved Amandine, Jacques-Edouard did the best he could raising the children. He taught them the finer points that he knew in life, fighting skills and how to manage the estate. He wanted his children to have anything they desired, and the skills to obtain it as well.


Jacques-Edouard Coquard (age 45)

A young knight, fighting for the crown. The details of his rise are sketchy at best, nothing much known about him until he was four and twenty, when he was granted permission to marry Amandine Daumier.

Amandine Daumier (d. age 25)

A first born daughter, Amandine had everything she desired. At fourteen, her parents made a match with a local Lord, setting her to marry Jacques-Edouard Coquard. She passed away at the age of twenty-five after an extended illness.

Jacqueline Aline Coquard (age 20)

Jacqueline was the couple's first child. She was ten when her mother passed, twenty when she set out on her own to find her place in the world.

Alexandrine Elisabeth Coquard (age17)

Alexandrine was the couple's second daughter. She was seven when her mother passed, seventeen when she set out on her own to find her own place in the world.

Edouard Geoffroy Coquard (age 12)

Edouard was the couple's youngest and only son. He was two when his mother passed. Watching his sisters go off to find their own adventure, who knows what he might decided to do in the future.


Lila is the bastard daughter of a noble Coquard lady on BT.

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