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Communionism is a new religion based on an old custom - namely, that of Communion with otherworldly spirits, usu. through the directed use of ikrif. The custom originates in the southlands of the Far East, where the plant itself naturally grows. The religion itself has spread from its origins, with followers in the Antoza Commonwealth, League of Anacan, Svunnetland, Ethiala, Principality of Zonasa, Lasanar and other realms.

After the death of Maltheo, Lu'an and others left and began to persecute members of this religion, a trend which is expected to continue indefinitely.


Since Communion is not a necessarily theistic religion, its temples are not dedicated to the glory of any deities, and therefore their style is less grand. They are, in fact, places of study and guidance more than worship.


Continent Far East
Founder Maltheo and A.J
Main Temple Taop, Antoza Commonwealth
Temples 3
Followers 103,264 commoners
Noble Followers 12 nobles
Priests 1
Shrines 9
Constructed By: AJ
Temple Size: Small Temple
Est. Believers: 9,310

This temple was the first dedicated to the order of Communionism. It is small and constructed of wood. It rests on a hill nearly on the outskirts of the city, and is rather plain compared to most older temples of the city.

Inside, the space is plain and the floorboards form an interesting, but not ornate, pattern. There are no statues, of gods or men, to be seen. Scribes, as if in an academy, carefully write on scrolls, some of which hang on the farthest wall.


Constructed By: Corey
Temple Size: Medium Temple
Est. Believers: 9,850

This temple was the second constructed in the Commonwealth and it earned Corey the title of Builder of the Temple. Typical of the Communionist style, the building is small and plain, though it is now the largest of the Communionist temples.


Constructed By: Olwe of Toren
Temple Size: Medium Temple
Est. Believers: 22,354

The third temple was constructed when the League of Anacan was formed, as part of a reciprocal promise made to Maltheo (the other part being a large investment of gold by the latter in the City). This temple is also accompanied by 1 shrine within the city.


The Beliefs of Communionism

Ceremonies and Rituals

The Ceremonies of Communionism


Five Tenets
Communionism, in all of Life


These are the noble adherents to the Communion:

  • Maltheo - Cofounder
  • A.J - Cofounder
  • Hadrius - Priest
  • Dionysus of Anacan - Cleric
  • Lu'an - Cleric
  • Dngle - Cleric
  • Arhodisa - Cleric
  • Vishwakarma - Cleric
  • Nicola - Cleric
  • TwistedKitty - Cleric
  • Rathan - Follower
  • an'Olc - Follower

Here are past adherents: