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Commageneans once were among the elders of Atamara And East Island. Held several positions, took major roles in important events but at a certain point their family line has depleted.

All elders died of diseases, women gave birth to dead childs and the survivors became barren. Only a few healthy ones were held back from the life and advantures of a noble.

Family members believed that a Kommagenean noble has committed a major sin: Power Ambition. This may only be supersitions of the family elders but incidents were supporting the rumors.

King Laomedon was killed by black magic. This was like a punishment of fate. Because King Laomedon was accused by his family for his ambition of the Abington throne.

And after that incident one of the Ubent’s leaders Efraz has died of the same illness too.

After this event Commagene Family pulled back from politics for a long time. But the depleted line has raised young nobles again. Their ambition seems to be weaker then their ancestors, they seem to hold on to other virtues than power.

Their first home was Kazakh but after the fall they had migrated to Atamara. Under the wings of Abington reign... To Suville, as a royal family. But after Laomedon’s downfall they moved to Craigmore.




The eldest of new line. A silent figure. Claims to be the only son of King Laomedon. But rumors say that King of Abington never had a child. But witnesses admit that he shares Laomedon’s looks. Perhaps we will never know the truth.

He obsessively believes that he was born to rule a mighty kingdom like his father.

After a decent education he sat sail from Atamara to Sandalak. He believed that he should train his battle skills in the best way possible. In the war island he worked on his battle, strategy skills and command chain philosophy and at the same time the realms strict discipline has decreased his arrogancy.

He has fought against Sandalak’s enemies without even resting. Nowadays victory on the island is official and Sarpedon is considering what to do next.

He is one of the Sandalak victors =S=



The rebel son of the new Commagene. He has completely abandoned the ways and ideals of the house and joined the realm of their old enemies. He is a lord of Fontan. The old Kommagene was among the founders of Southern Alliance but Teshup is an ally to it’s destroyers.

The house has completely casted him out and he considers himself as a Fontanese more than being a Commagene. He chose democracy and his realm did reward him as well.

He fought as a knight of Fontan for a time, during the Oligarch wars. And after a while he was elected as the Minister of Defence of Fontan in a very dark hour for Fontan. As the General he led Fontanese armies to victory.

During his office term, Fontan has conquered Greatbridge, Hagley, Westmoor, Troyes and the last region of Oligarch: Commonyr. He also led the army to the assault on Oligarch.

As the General he has seen the fall of Oligarch and the end of a great battle.

After a short period of peace, Fontan and Sirion entered the war against Perdan. Teshup was the general of Fontan in the first month. And Fontan conquered Bescanon, Meuse, Brive and sacked Partora. But due to inconvenient coordination with allies, Teshup stepped down with anger. And ran for the Judge position. And done that duty for 3 months.

Also he reviwed an old militant order: Teshup proudly is among the founders of this loyal and militant guild of Fontan.

Positions Held:




The youngest son of Commagene, the elders’ pupil. He started his career as a member of the Carelian army from Craigmore where the family mansion is located. But as soon as Abingtonian veteran knights heard of his existence he was invited to join his ancestral realm.

He was present in the conquest of Ash’rily in the Abington army. Laomedon’s old friends, like Lord Drago and Lord Charles quickly took him under their wings, helped him build his career and guided him. After Lord Drago’s unexpected death and Lord Charles’s departure, he swore fealty to another old family friend, Lady Armitage III.

So far he has made a fine career in Abington, thanks to the reputation of his uncle Laomedon. He seems like a naive and pure knight. After all the elders have left who looked after him Karas found himself in the middle of great wars and struggles.

First Abington and her federated allies warred against Cagilan Empire and Tara. Karas has fought in many great battles and then the Great Honorless War broke out. Abington was attacked by countless armies from all sides.

Nowadays he can't be reached. He is hasting from one battle to another. And in the time between battles he is trying to maintain his county Swanfolk with little funds he receive.

Positions Held: Count of Swanfolk

Guilds: The Templar Order


OOC: my old and lost acount created in 2002

Efraz Bey

died of an unknown illness

He was the eldest son of the old line. He was an Omskish lord before the Great Run. He fought in the Battle of Kazakh and after the fall of Omsk he immigrated to Ubent.

In his new home he fought under the Burning Hawk and then Bethe. He was present in the conquest of Isadril. Than he was elected as the tyrant of Ubent. He was one of the main characters leading the formation of the Southern Alliance. He led many campaigns from Castle Ubent, into the heart of West Sirion.

After he stepped down from rulership, Bethe appointed him as the Judge of Ubent. When he died he was at this position. He was also a great historian. His annuals concerning the Omskish refugees and formation of Southern Alliance are lost now.

Positions Held:


hero died in action

This virtious man of duty was the most insignificant noble of House Kommagene. He started his career in Caligus, became a hero there and died there without holding or demanding any positions.

He witnessed the first Caligus-Fontan treaty, he witnessed Caligus joining SA and attended to campaings against the Sirion Empire. He was killed in one of these battles.


killed by black magic

The youngest and boldest of old line Kommagene. First he was a knight under the rule of King Muniam. He fought in the first Abington-ASI war and saw the first treaty signed.

And after many struggles he became the third king of Abington.

And after certain events that we can still keep track today he was killed by means of Dark Magic of the Wizard of Antioch.

His tales are not completely lost. Fragments of his chronicles can be examined in the Riverholm Archives thanks to Lord Elantus.

Today his tomb is still in Suville.

Positions Held:


  • 2 Unknown points.(250 honor? Reaching and showing of 50% Sword skill?)
  • 3 Points for Family Prestige.(100+)
  • 2 Points for individual Prestige.(20+)
  • 1 Point for Family Wealth.(2000+)
  • 1 Point for General position.(Teshup First)
  • 1 Point for Region Lord appointment.(Karas First)
  • 1 Point for Judge position.(Teshup First)