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The Citizens' Guild is a place where all classes can come together and rid the land of Monsters and Undead efficiently.

Founder Alydramia Altzra
Marshal Sanger Henshall
Captain of Niselur Duchy Freeman Vondrike
Captain of Gaston Duchy Freeman Tyrion


When Lady Altzra was a Knight of Asurbanipal, an unnamed commoner sent a letter to her and her Lord, asking if he could remain in Asurbanipal as their local adventurer. He promised that he would try and keep the land clear of all Monsters and Undead; and also said that he would send word to the Nobles of Asurbanipal if the situation ever got over his head, giving the army plenty of time to get to the region before the monster or undead horde began attacking the locals. All he asked in return was safety and endless bounty pots.

As Lady Altzra watched this young commoner work hard for his gold and kept true to his word (the land was never plagued under his watch,) she was inspired.

Soon after the Misty Forest was completely taken back into the arms of Iashalur, Lady Alydramia Altzra became Countess of Miniath and asked the Royal Council if she could commission a guild. This guild, the Citizens' Guild, got the go ahead by the beloved King Turin. He suggested the name of one commoner (that He personally knew of) to be a part of this guild and Lady Alydramia recruited the King's preferred commoner and the self-proclaimed defender of Asurbanipal.

Having two loyal commoners on board, she then turned to her loyal Knight of Miniath, Sir Sanger of House Henshall. Naming him Marshal of the Guild, she then set out to found the guild in her beloved Miniath.

Guild Charter

► All Citizens who wish to be a part of the Citizens' Guild must pay the fee of five (5) gold. This fee is one-time and will ensure a lifetime membership¹.

► All Nobles are welcome to join the Citizens' Guild for free, but they hold no power within the guild unless granted by the Royal Council, Lady Altzra, or Sir Henshall.

► All Citizens will be placed under the command of a Captain. There are two Captains: Vondrike of the Niselur Duchy and Tyrion of the Gaston Duchy. Any Special Operations will fall under Captain Tyrion.

► Captains will assign Citizens to regions or a set of regions to travel.

► Anytime a Citizen travels to a new region, they are to first explore the land and report to their Captain the Monster and Undead situation as well as the bounty pot fullness (or emptiness.)

► Anytime a Captain receives word of an empty or low bounty pot, he is to report to the Marshal. The Marshal will inform the Countess Altzra who will report the lack of bounty to the correct Lord.

► If a region has an uncontrollable Monster or Undead situation, the Citizen who explored the region must contact ALL members of the Citizens' Guild.

► When a Citizen finds a rare item, they will report directly to the Marshal about said item. The Marshal will then put the item on auction. This auction will last for two sunrises and two sunsets ONLY.

► Any presence or rumors of Sages and Wizards must be reported to the entire guild.

► Harming a Citizen from the Citizens' Guild without showing due cause is punishable by a fine of 25 gold paid to the realm to make restitution for damaging one of its assets. This law applies only guild registered Citizens as their service is monitored by the crown. Read More Here.

¹Memberships can be canceled if any Citizen does anything that could be seen as harmful to the crown. Lady Alydramia reserves the right to cancel memberships at any time.


Auctions of any special items found by a Citizen will go on like thus:

Item will be announced by the Marshal to the entire realm with the price of the starting bid. All Nobles have two days to reply to the Marshal with their bid. The Marshal can either accept a bid or can send out to the realm again what the highest bid was and the process can start over again. This can only happen within those two days, however. After the two day period is over, the Marshal will accept the highest bid by default.

Recommendations are priced as worth fifty (50) gold.

If a Noble cheats a Citizen, they shall be fined by the guild for the correct amount of gold and will be permanently banned from all future auctions.

If a Citizen sells to a Noble without going through this process, the Citizen will be permanently banned from the Citizens' Guild.

1% of the gold collected from auctions will go towards the Citizens' Guild.