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The chyfes family is a troubled one. Led by two fraternal twins, the anxious and somewhat goofy Atticus, which is in contrast to the blood thirsty, serious, and insane Travis. Their history has already just begun, for they have their whole lives in front of them.


The family started off as humble peasants, situated in the capital of Perdan, Partora. When the older of the twins, Atticus, turned 17, he joined Perdans army, and fought far away from home, in the south. Through this, he has harbored a deep distrust and dislike of southerners. He was there when the perdanites invaded Ibladesh city, and looted it for a few days. The whole family dropped off the face of the earth for 3 months, until Atticus, and his brother, Travis, reappeared. Atticus was sent to the south again, where he met many people, and made a friend with the current Count of Dimwood, Rattler (Rattler wounded atticus in a duel to first blood - They dueled because they were bored of the takeover). Almost after that time, Atticus changed his class to an infiltrator. He spent 3 weeks training, and when he got out into the field, he was bored, and useless. He went to partora for training, and while in his house, he tried on the Samurai-esque Armour he used to wear. Enjoying the feeling, he became a solider again. When Oligarch was destroyed, this left the door open for the northern alliance to sweep down. Atticus was sent up north, and that is were he was fighting. Disgusted with the island and it's web of alliances, Atticus boarded a ship to Beluaterra. He landed in Old grehk, and immediatly fell in love with it. He became a priest in the church of Estahsism and preached in Old grehk for a while. Becoming bored, he joined the realm Fronen to advance the religion. He one day plans to return to the East island in a sunnier time, when the world has come to peace.


The disliked twin. He was shunned as a child, and this has added to his insanity. He would always here about where Atticus was, what Atticus was doing, how he did it, and how great Atticus was. When he turned 17, he left the house, going through Caligus, enjoying the scenery, and ended up in Light of Fountain. He enjoyed his stay there, but he was bored, and couldn't think of attacking perdan (as was the talk of the time in Light of Fountain). While stationed at Akesh temple, he defected to Caligus. He has been moved around constantly in his service, and enjoyed it very much. Although he had left light of fountain, he never stopped believing in the teachings. (His brother believed in the great dragon - it was boring to hear his brothers wanting to go to Atamara and visit a temple) One day, infinity and nil, two Light of fountain gods, came to him, and made him become insane. That night, he went to the recruitment center and picked up his current unit of Savages. They are equally insane as him (because he has twisted them this way) and they are killing machines. They are he, and he is they. He has yearned for Travel, but not had the chance, and vowed to stay with Caligus to the bitter end. But, recently, after a Cease-fire was announced, he broke that vow, and he headed for Perdan city to board a ship to the far east. He got on that ship, and landed in The dark isle. Taking kindly to their religion, his killer instinct kicked in and he was ready. Sadly, a lack of action drove him insane. Political strife racked the Isle, and he left it after being involved in one of the Isle's political fights. He moved to Beluaterra, and joined Enweil in hopes of killing his brother. Hearing news that his brother had become a monk, he gave up hope and joined the realm Plergoth. Bored with it again, and missing home, he got on another ship for the East continent.


The newest son to turn up, Percival appeared first in Darka, albeit he didn't adjust well to the merecenary life. He quit early, went home to Partora, then went to Old Rancungua. He rather enjoys it, although he sees the military situation as a bit of a a worrysome thing. He's rather nervous but can have some courage when it's needed. Some.

Lost sons

There have been 3 lost sons. There was Andre, who appeared in the barony of makar, then shortly left. There was Tellos, he never told mother and father where he ended up. And then there's roger, the bastard son of Atticus' and Travis' father. He had roger with a beautiful, yet common, servent girl. He left one day, and he has ended up in the south east. Mother and Father don't speak of him - They told their sons not to go there, for fear of death, and rape, and pillage.