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The Founding of the Church

The modern version of the Church of Echad was founded by Galen Perth in Haul in 1011. However, according the Church itself, it is only a modern incantation of a much older religion that continued the tradition and rites of worshiping the true God, Echad, after most other humans had fallen away from doing so after being deceived by the Ersht, who had betrayed Echad and claimed themselves as gods. Galen was lead by Echad to rediscover the ancient texts, called the Sacred Parshas, in the mountains of Haul, which he then used to found the new Church.


The Community

Community is an extremely important of the life of the members of the Church of Echad. Indeed, there is an extreme emphasis focused upon the Church as a people. Members of the Church are known as "Echad's People" and they belong to His "Household." The creation of Echad focused communities is an essential goal of the Church. Followers should surround themselves in neighborhoods and towns of other followers and should seek to congregate and know each other. The Church building it supposed to form the centerpiece of the community. A place for not only worship, but fellowship and friendship. A place for advice and charity and celebrations.

The Sacred Parshas

The Bashaf

The first of the Sacred Parshas, is called the Bashaf. The first Tsuherer, or Prophet of Echad, was the monk Chayyim. Chayyim was chosen by Echad to receive the truth and to communicate this truth to the world. Over a span of 37 years the story of the beginning of time was laid out to Chayyim through a series of visions, dreams, prayer and even several instances of direct and divine dictation. Chayyim recorded this message, through the course of his life, into the three Books of Chayyim, they are known collectively as the Bashaf.

The Klal

The Klal was given to Ilan by Echad for as The Law of His people to live by, indeed for all people who wish to praise the one, true God. Primarily it includes the laws for behavior of commoners, of the nobility, and the necessity of this hierarchy. Secondly, it provides guidelines for the personal life of an individual.

Other Important Books and Assorted Writings of the Church

  • The Yontefs: These are the holidays and special celebrations and ceremonies that Echad's People should honor.
  • The Tifl-Buhk: This is a tome of special and significant collected prayers.


Church Structure

  • Tsuherer: The Tsuherer is the Prophet of the Church.
  • Nosi Koyen: The Nosi Koyen is the Head Priest under Tsuherer.
  • Kehile Rotn: Kehile Rotn are elder and advisory members of the Church.

  • Koyen: Koyen are Priests of the Church of Echad.
  • Shoymer of Echad: Shoymer of Echad is the recognized Defender of the Church.
  • Nosi Nedove: Nosi Nedove is merely a higher rank of Nedove, recognized for further financial support of the Church.
  • Nedove: Nedove is a recognized position as a financial supporter of the Church.
  • Ben-Bayes: The Ben-Bayes are full members of the Church, therefore a true part of Echad's People.

  • Baln: The Baln are interested people who most likely wish to join the Church and become a part of Echad's People. To join His Household, they merely need to officially pray the The Prayer of Onnem.

Out-Of-Character Information

  • OOC Note: Most of the non-English terms are simple rough translations from Yiddish.

The Church of Echad
(The Donkey Coin: A Symbol of the Church)
Continent / Island Far East
Main Temple Realm Principality of Zonasa

Number of Priests
Number of Temples
Number of Shrines

  • 3
  • 1
  • 5

Founder/Head Priest
Additional Priest(s)

1st Temple [Size]
Other Temple [Size]

  • Haul - [Small (3)]
  • No Others [0]

Shrine Locations

Congregation Around 10,000 peasants
Noble Members 10 Nobles