Church Of The Holy Sacred Grove/The Old Temple

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Old Text

Welcome to the Church of the Holy Sacred Grove. Everybody is welcome to join this church, but the path you make is yours to make alone. Whether you choose the path of the druid: mending the land and restoring the balance, or the path of the priest or priestess: helping spread the light to others. There are many choices that you will have to make. All classes are welcome and all classes have their own ranking system.

We worship the Elven Goddess of nature Elune and the Creator of all things good The Holy Father. All are welcome to come and learn, serving the church in the name of light or in the name of Elune - the path is yours to decide.

If you are interested in learning more about our church or the gods we worship, please visit the Library of The Holy Sacred Grove. It is, of course, open to all.