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The Centauri Family 2nd Generation


After the Death of Proximus Sr. during the fall of Abington, Proximus Jr. was sent in hiding with a good family in Narville. Trained like his father, he finally would emerge bringing the family name back into the fold on Atamarra. Proximus Sr. also had a few illegitimate children, the oldest Alfus named after Proximus's favorite brother left Atamarra after his father's death. Celestia an illegitimate daughter was also sent to Narville, but lived with a family of a lower status than her half brother. Other potential heirs were rumored to have been born, but like the rest of the family, they were sent into hiding upon the collapse of Abington.

The Children of Proximus Sr.

Proximus Jr.

Finally old enough to earn a command of his own, he set out from Narville, and out from hiding. Suville would be a fine place to start certainly not a threat to his heritage and where many would know and welcome back the name. Duchess Callisto an old friend of his father would quickly welcome him and offer land to establish an estate in the city; an offer he could not refuse. Like his father before him, he would get a fast start to his military career, quickly becoming the Second in Command of the Army of Narville. With proven service he has risen to the rank of Marshal of Narville as his superior became General. His first test as Marshal would be in conflict with the realm of Carelia. Carelia was already under attack from the larger and more powerful Cagilan Empire, but wrongs against Suville had forced them into war. His recent lead in the successful siege of Wayburg might helped bring this war to a quicker end.

Proximus continued his ascension by becoming Lord Marshal of Suville, and Duke of Wayburg. He also has been a voice in the council that has ensured alliance with Cagilan Empire, Strombran and Coria, and seen peace with Tara. Proximus gave up his position as Marshal of the Army of Narville to Cassidy Graves who has since continued her career and become Grand Justice of Suville.


Alfus traveled to Dwilight where much contact with him was lost. We do know that he was bravely fighting off the undead and monster hordes infecting the continent, and died in battle with the beasts. Alfus died during his journies.


The illegitimate daughter of Proximus Sr. was raised by a poor middle class family, raised as a blacksmith's daughter she lacks much of the refinement her father's status would suggest. Without the birthright of nobility she will have to prove her worth in other means (and she lacks the girlish charm for marriage). Her young career is just starting and we hope the best for her. Celestia was killed by undead during her travels.


Rigel was recently discovered claiming to be a son of Proximus Sr. No one is able to tell for certain if this is the truth, and he was regarded with much disdain by Proximus Jr. He has earned his way to the status of noble and is now a Knight of Wayburg, happily as Proximus accepts him as brother.

The Centauri Family 1st Generation


The Centauri family origionates from Lerss, and we got off to a very troubled start. After a few recent battles between Abington and Ash Sea Islands we decided to settle down in the island region of Lerss. We were helped by the current troops from Abington, and in return plegded our loyalty to Abington. Troops from Ash Sea Islands would invade though, causing trouble and mayham near our home. I could only do what I thought was best, I sent my eldest son, Proximus with a small band of men to Riverholm, to warn of the invaders. This trip would be delayed though, as some of the units of the Ash Sea Islands would find Proximus and his men. A few months later, Proximus came back to Lerss, with bad news, a peace had come, and there would be no aid from Abington to retake Lerss. With that we packed up their stuff, and set out for a new start in much safer Abington territory. With Proximus, Rigel, Alfus and Betus we would find the most suitble lands to live on near the center of the kingdom, in a rural region known as Sudfern. Close to the city of Stoneville, and with the mountains of Monagle in the distance the landscape can be breathtaking to behold. The region is has been very freindly to the family, and since my wife and I have been quite content.

My Sons


My eldest son, proudly carrying the banner of Abington into battle, of the sons he was the quickest to learn many skills, much of a Jack of all Trades, he is normally well versed in combat, as well as politics, and economics. I have since heard that he has become a Knight of Monagle swearing oath to Baron Carriantor. We all made the short trip to Monagle for this occasion, and are very proud of him. In the last letter I recieved from him, he sounded somewhat troubled by the very large battle pending at Stargard. He has been working closely with his leige to come up with a good plan to defend our allies, although yet nothing major has happened. Recently he has become a free knight again, as Baron Carriantor is know King Carriantor, we were all able to see the coranation and were able to congratulate our new king in person. The time as a free knight is ended, as Brakus has been appointed as Baron of Monagle, Proximus was away, but we were able to attend the cerimonies, later that day, we got word that Duke Charles had appointed Proximus as Marshal of the Army of Wayburg. Our first son to hold such a position. We are glad he is doing well, and continue to wish him the best.

Recently after the loss of Wayburg, and his title as Marshal, he had suffered from a lack of funding, although currently he has become the Marquis of Worav, a region that looks to be soon reTO'd by ASI. He has gained some standing back again after his month long disappearence, and should again become part of the near future for Abington. He is currently a Knight of Lord Trager, and heading up a solid cavalry unit.


The second son, he was always jealous of his older brother, always feeling second best. While his mother and I do not believe we ever did him any wrong, the last time I saw him, he was in a rage, and stormed out the doors. The only news we have had of him since is that he seems to have joined the opposing army of the Cagilan Empire as Proximus has said he has seen Rigel in Meldeen under a CE banner. Last news of him actually came from the Tyrell Family when Movlat sent home a letter, saying that Rigel had emmigrated to Beluaterra, and joined Luz de Bia. Maybe this is a new start for him, and hopefully we shall hear from him soon.

It has been a long time since we have gotten word from Rigel, we can only expect the worst, the common belief is that he was attacked and killed by bandits, no one seems to know where this might have happened, and we only prey that he safely passes to the other side.


The third son, a true swordsman, although never very good at much else, he was always able to best his brothers at swordplay, and was very excited to be in the heat of a battle. He left for Ikalak for better military training, wishing Abington well, and vowing to come back. He has continually written to us, saying that he is well, and the successes of the Ikalak army are making him stronger. He loves us and cannot wait until he is able to rejoin with Abington after his time in Ikalak.


The youngest and last legitamate son of the Centauri Family, he left without much hurrah, but that is his way, more quiet and secretive he has always been, although we do know that he has located himself on the South-West Island. We will hopefully hear from him at some point in the future.

It has come to our attention that recently he was named count of Moeth, the first of our sons to hold lordship. The only disturbing part of that news is that we did not find it out from him, we only got it from the grapevine.