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The Cavalier's Code is a guild soon to be created in Pian en Luries, Dwilight. It explores the other aspect of the dual nature of a warrior, the other one being the Path of the Sword. The Code underlines the honor of a warrior, which a warrior does not define himself, but is rather given to him by the others. No warrior fights alone. An individual can not make a strong army. It is the bondage of Brothers-in-Arms that wins wars. To be brave is to inspire the warriors around you, to be an example, to lead.

The Code

1. Abiding by the Code is what makes a Cavalier great.

2. Honor is given to you by others. Bragging and boasting is for the weak. (OOC: No showing off, not even in tournaments)

3. A Cavalier respects all above him and is gentle but firm towards those below.

4. Courage means decisive actions in fearful situations. Absence of fear means foolishness.

5. One word from a Cavalier can be trusted more than numerous speeches by those below.

6. Let no war split the Followers of the Code. Instead, let the Code guide the war among them.

(ooc: 7. Also, no discussion about the skill percentages. Part of the fun is to let the ranking system of the guild define the "skill levels".)

Ranks within the Cavalier's Code

Elder Ranks

Those with the highest authority in the Code are called the Guardians of the Code.

The other elder ranks below him are called True Cavaliers. They are expected to be exceptional examples of chivalry, to act honorably, respectfully and bravely, to stand by their fellow cavaliers, to always hold in high esteem the Code of a Cavalier.

The rank of Guardian is gained by displaying exemplary actions of leadership, both within the guild and outside of it. The Guardians themselves choose when to promote a True Cavalier to this rank.

Until there has been enough True Cavaliers, a rank of Steward of the Guardians can be given to members assisting in the maintenance of the guild.

Member Ranks

The one who has previously won a tournament of jousting is called the Master Lancer. Only a Master Lancer can be ever promoted to a rank of an Elder, and even then only when at least two thirds of his fellow Cavaliers agree. To agree on this a Follower of the Code must send a message to all guild elders stating that he wishes the Master Lancer to be promoted to an Elder Rank. To disagree is to not send a message. There is to be no discussion either in public or private about the suitability of the Master Lancer. When enoug members "vote", the promotion takes place.

Members gain ranks based on their performance in the tournaments. The rank below Master Lancer is the Second Lance. If a members wins in a tournament of jousting, he immediately becomes the new Master Lancer, and the old Master Lancer, unless he was already promoted to Elder Rank, becomes the new Second Lance. If anyone is able to beat a Second Lance, he gains the same title. But if a Second Lance is consistently not able to beat other Second Lances, he loses one rank and becomes a Third Lance. The results of the tournaments decide how the ranks are arranged. Anyone above the rank that is being discussed can and should participate in the discussion about the changes in the lower ranks. This is to be done justly and fairly at all times, as is appropriate to a proper cavalier. The lower ranks do not ask to be promoted, but leave it to those above his rank to discuss. They do not discuss it with one another, but patiently wait for the higher ranks to make the necessary changes. Honor and appreciation is not for one to take. It is either given to you or not.

Aspirant Ranks

One starts out as an Unknown Lance. To advance to the second aspirant rank, Unproven Lance, a full member of the Code must recommend the promotion to the Elders. To advance further to full member status, an aspirant must prove to be a worthy cavalier. Another member must post a battle report to the Elders where the aspirant has displayed courage in the heat of battle when commanding cavalry. He must at the same time vouch for the character of the Aspirant, assuring the Elders that the aspirant indeed is brave and honorable, who undrestands well the Cavalier's Code. This must be proven by examples. When sufficient proof is displayed (it can be attempted seveal times), an aspirant is promoted to full member rank of Proven Lance. If after the promotion the aspirant proves to be unworthy of the new title, he may forever be banned from the guild. The one who recommended the new member may also suffer the same fate, after the Elders investigate the matter.

OOC note: A member does not need to be of a Cavalier class to join.