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Battle in Anacan

The Free Kingdom of Cathay is one of the larger realms in the Far East and frequently at the center of political and military conflicts. Cathay encourages but does not require Roleplaying.

Cathay is a Constitutional Monarchy that prizes participation and dedication over seniority. There are many opportunities for advancement for young nobles. Cathay upholds the ideals of chivalry and noblesse oblige.


Main article: Cathayan Historical Archive

Cathay was born out of a major conflict involving the Antozan Commonwealth and Lasanar, along with over a half-dozen other realms in the Far East Island. It then merged into the realm of Toupellon, but re-formed as the Free Kingdom of Cathay after Toupellon's collapse.

Political Structure and Traditions

Main article: Political Structure of Cathay

Cathay is a Constitutional Monarchy. The ruler is believed to be the Child of Heaven (Tianzi) and his or her divine right to rule comes from the Mandate of Heaven. Such right is subject to no earthly authority, but may be withdrawn from a despotic ruler. The current ruler is Bofeng Liew.

Cathay selects its regional Lords by appointment by the Ruler or Duke.

Royal Privy Council serves as a private advisory body, which is solely selected by the throne.


Main article: Government officers in Cathay

  • King/Queen (ruler) is believed to be the Child of Heaven (Tianzi) and his or her divine right to rule comes from the Mandate of Heaven. Ruler is elected only once by all nobles.
  • High Marshal (general) is the chief commander of all armies, and appoints all Marshals and other military advisors. High Marshal is elected quarterly by all nobles.
  • High Chancellor (judge) is the law protector who defines and enforces all laws of Cathay. High Chancellor is appointed by the ruler.
  • Royal Treasurer (banker) is the head of Treasure Committee, which controls the collecting and disbursement of Cathay's treasury, and administers tax collection, food production, and trading throughout Cathay. Royal Treasurer is elected quarterly by all lords.

Traditions and Councilorship

  • No one should possess more than one military ranks.
  • Candidates for all positions should have actively served Cathay or her allies with proven loyalty.
  • Candidates for councilorship should write an application to the council and obtain recommendations.
  • Appointment for councilorship is based on contribution, participation, and seniority, and is not guaranteed.
  • Inactive Advisors will automatically retire after 30 days.

Roleplaying Archive

Important, entertaining, or otherwise relevant roleplaying logs go here. Contact the council in-game if you wish to have yours added.