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These histories and biographies are set down by order of Lord Carmel the Elder in the hope that knowing of its existence, family members will act with nobility at all times lest they be disowned.


The family manor is located in Upperfell on the island of Atamara. The realm of Redspan has controlled this region in recent times, though they are hard pressed nowadays by the NA forces. The family laid claim to it's nobility at the time of the founding of Redspan by Lamar. A turbulent period which has left few records and the family recorders would be grateful to receive any information relating to this era.

Today's Family


The eldest, he was appointed Count of Upperfell within 3 months of his arrival at court. Irascible and disputatious, he dislikes bureaucracy and woolly leadership and has little time for religion. Remarkably he has stayed loyal to Redspan who's leaders have exhibited all those traits at one time or another. Even more remarkable he was counted as one of the inner circle of advisors. Secretly he wishes to be a successful infiltrator but constantly argues with his tutors and makes little progress. Latest news is, after receiving an invitation from his younger brother Ronan to become a noble of Falasan, he has, after careful consideration, left Redspan and now serves Falasan. For many months we have only rumours of his whereabouts and we suspect he has become an infiltrator again. He talks to Ronan sometimes but we know no more.


Attracted by the sagas which had enthralled him in his younger days he travelled to north Atamara and took command of a troop in Norland. There he fought against Eston and Barony of Makar. Inquisitive and a little too daring for his own good he could not resist the opportunity to become an infiltrator. Ill prepared he was soon captured and imprisoned by Eston. He was never seen again. We are not sure of the precise circumstances but like to think he perished in a valiant attempt to escape.


Started his career on the Colonies in the Realm of Giblot at a time of constant war. Realising the life of a warrior was all he wanted he declared himself Hero and forsook all other professions forever. Events overtook his career plans in Giblot however. The government was "overthrown" by newcomers who's votes outnumbered the loyalists. Unhappy with the Usurper Thanatos Reaver's style he emigrated to Beluaterra and joined the Realm of Old Grehk.

For a Hero this was a most opportune decision as he arrived at the start of the The Second Undead Invasion. Within weeks he was apppointed Count of Rolbury and set about defending it from the invasion vanguard. With the invasion bringing hordes of Undead and Monsters, Rolbury was lost. The invasion lasted over a year. After countless battles, honour and prestige quadrupled and he has more tales to tell than can be told in a whole lifetime. As the invaders were pushed back and the borders of Old Grehk widened, Rolbury was once again entrusted to Rolf. Recently Old Grehk sent an expedition south to support Riombara against Enweil but this was unsatisfactory to say the least for a hero. There seemed little prospect of active duty for several weeks so he spent long hours at the accademy trying to shake off a bout of depression. Without warning or ceremony he was inducted to the advisory council of Old Grehk the "Capitolium". He is honoured by this but does not want this widely known and will not discuss it any further. Lately he reports Old Grehk continues to support its allies against Enweil and now Mesh with the prospect of many battles to come. Understandably he sounded excited and back to his old self again. Disturbing news is arriving. Insulting remarks from the Duke of Ossmat led Rolf to challenge him to a Duel to the Death. This was refused by the Duke. It seems the Realm supports the Duke so with no satisfaction from Duke or Realm Rolf is to leave Old Grehk. Hopefully more will be available soon.


The youngest brother, chose to start his career in Falasan, which had a reputation as a successful trading realm. This appealed to his tendency to spot the main chance so to speak. Indeed his first weeks were spent trading but with increasing turmoil all around, Falasan was soon at war. War tends to close a lot doors to a trader, so returning to the capital he purchased a small troop of cavalry and travelled to the battlefront. For over a year he toiled and fought, bringing his troop through many a difficult situation. His reliability and steadfastness has recently been rewarded by his appointment as Marquis of Menedor. The region was somewhat dilapidated from unavoidable neglect during recent distant campaigns. With the region fully repaired he has been busy fighting against Tara and Cagilan Empire but now with much realm realignment the focus is changing to the SE. Ronan has opted to remain within Falasan's borders to protect and maintain its regions.

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