Calen Family

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Not a family, but rather a faction of strange individuals connected by an odd agreement. Each and every member appears to represent a certain culture, race or society though appear too weird even for their own kinsmen and some are even considered the outcasts of the outcasts.

Primary Characters

Primary characters are characters that I have created in-game. Or at least, still planning too create some day.



Tall, dark and not at all mysterious, Zed is the most controversial out of the whole happy 'family'. He is highly opinionated, cynical and possesses, not an ignorant but a hard-headed and often extreme personality. Usually he is either liked or disliked by the people he meets after the first five minutes of conversation and the chosen opinion doesn't often change especially if Zed's own opinion is the same.

Edward White


Young, handsome and utterly insane. After Zed returned at least some rational thought to his mind, Edward decided to become his associate aiding him with whatever undertaking is going on at the moment.


Some time later...


Some time much later...

Secondary Characters

Secondary characters might appear or be mentioned during RP posts or sessions, though are not played characters.

Mysterious entity

Hasn't shown up so far as anything more then two bright green pin-point lights that lurk from the shadows. It's obvious they serve as eyes, though the question is, eyes to what?

Sketch Cooper

Some time much later...


Some time much later...


Some time much later...