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The Treaty of Strombran

I. Preamble

I.a. WHEREAS the Cagilan Empire recognizes that the Kingdom of Carelia can no longer claim realistic chances of winning the war between the two realms, that the nobles of Carelia wishes for peace, even if it means conceding defeat, the nobles of the Cagilan Empire hereby moves to bring the current state of hostilities to a close in a swift and honorable manner.

I.b. WHEREAS former Queen Leta of Carelia declared war upon the Cagilan Empire over imagined, unsubstantiated, unproved, and otherwise fabricated slights and insults.

I.c. WHEREAS several prominent non-Serpaensist Carelian nobles in positions of influence and authority have, in the past, affirmed and supported former Queen Leta's decision.

I.d. WHEREAS several prominent Serpaensist members within Carelia have privately testified that they had little influence over the original decision to go to war with the Cagilan Empire, that they had bore no ill feelings toward the Cagilan Empire at the time of the original war declaration, and that the current state of hostilities should not be considered a religious war, the Cagilan Empire is forced to place at least partial blame for the current poor state of affairs on the shoulders of Carelia's secular leadership.

I.e. WHEREAS the Cagilan Empire admits that it does not possess nor has it received any evidence to back up the Serpaensists claims, and notes that their reputation for deception is well known.

I.f. THEREFORE the Cagilan Empire offers the following terms of peace to the Kingdom of Carelia, and demands its SURRENDER and concession of DEFEAT.

II. Territory

II.a. Carelia will formally, publicly, and permanently cede the following regions to the Cagilan Empire: Oyonniarre, Garnagi, Dontow, Clyderee, Forblane, Canock, Strombran, Craigmore, Tarree, Scarbran, Atblane, Cummaol, and Kilbranba.

II.b. The Cagilan Empire recognizes Carelia's continuing claim to the following regions: Upperfell, Bolgar, Tarkhog, Ambermel, Lugrod, and Sullenport.

II.c. The Cagilan Empire recognizes that the city of Wayburg was being contested between the Kingdom of Suville and the Kingdom of Carelia. This appears resolved with Suville taking ownership.

III. Villains

III.a. The Cagilan Empire requests that the following nobles be removed from the Kingdom of Carelia, and never allowed to return. The Cagilian Empire deems them to be the main instigators and supporters of this war, and thus they are deemed enemies of the Cagilan Empire: the Taran traitor Dielo Filador, Jovyl Filador, Malcolm Bedwyr, and Nathan Simmons.

III.b. Should the nobles listed above not remove themselves from Carelia, they may remain, but should not be allowed a position of government within Carelia.

IV. Magna Serpaensism

IV.a. While the Serpaensists have been found to be, at worst, only partially at fault, and at best, mostly blameless, as a cause for the present hostilities, the Cagilan Empire maintains that it is harmful to its interests for Serpaensists to remain in positions of power within Carelia.

IV.b. The Cagilan Empire demands that all current Serpaensist region lords and dukes step down and surrender their feudal claims to the Carelian Crown.

IV.c. Existing temples of Magna Serpaensism within Carelian lands may remain, as long as the region they reside in does not change ownership to another realm. These temples may never be further expanded.

IV.d. No new temples of Magna Serpaensism will ever be allowed to be constructed within Carelian territory.

V. War Reparations

V.a. The Cagilan Empire does not demand monetary compensation from the Kingdom of Carelia.

V.b. However, once its hostilities with Suville are concluded, the Cagilan Empire asks the Kingdom of Carelia to redeem its honor, by helping its neighbors defend themselves from the northern barbarian hordes.

V.c. The exact nature of the aid that Carelia provides may be negotiated once Carelia is at peace. While Carelia will be under no formal obligation to assist anyone, its subsequent, post-war actions will strongly impact future Cagilan-Carelian relations.


Lady Sonya Jimenez
Queen of Carelia

Lord Milan Prestongreen
Prime Minister of the Cagilian Empire