Buffalkill Family/Death of Xerxes

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Battle of Wispen
Part of The Rieleston-Barony of Makar War
Wispen map2.jpg
Date 29 August 2013
Location Wispen (rogue)
Weather Strong winds and gusts
Result After 8 rounds, Barony of Makar victory
Attackers Defenders
Barony of Makar Rieleston, Lyonesse
Unknown Xerxes BuffalkillKilled in action
9 defenders
(184 Inf, 105 Arch, 30 SF)
CS: 4271
7 attackers
(440 Inf, 74 Arch, 11 Cav)
CS: 4974
Infantry wall Infantry wall
12 soldiers 15 soldiers
Royal Marshall killed

Lyonesse found itself defending Rieleston against the Barony of Makar's vikings. One such defense at the Battle of Wispen saw Harry Reed slay the beloved Royal Marshal Xerxes Buffalkill. The Barony soon surrendered, not to Rieleston, but to Lyonesse amongst other realms. This surrender came after the Cagilan Empire and allies sacked the Barony's capital of Sale. King Azreal soon gave Lord Ravendon the same sanctuary for vikings offered to ithilians. Wispen soon revolted against Rieleston, preferring Lyonessian rule. Sale was soon conquered and Howling Waste declared allegiance to Lyonesse. Death of Xerxes.jpg