Broklee Family

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The Broklee Family originated from Unotosa on the Far East Isle. That is where Billiam started his career. At the same time in Atamara Seratisiam was starting his career in Redspan. Ghristopher started a career on the South East Isle but was soon imprisoned and that was the end of his career. Then Chew started a career in Redspan with is brother Seratisiam, but was soon gone. Chew is now on the East Isle in Old Rancagua. Billiam's Realm would not fight and he soon realized he had no future there. He emigrated with his Khalkar brothers to Beluaterra and are now in Valentia. Where he is helping with undead who are extremely strong here and his men are already doing wonderful and fighting very strong. His 18 man army is very strong and he hopes to recruit a few more. Chew is helping his realm with undead problems and doing well with his 35 men strong army. Seratisiam is having a little trouble, his realm is being attacked by 3 other realms and they are fighting strong. He seems to be moving up in rank now belonging to their "Military Minds" group and is giving some help with decisions about this war. He is having trouble with keeping his men alive in these wars so is constantly recruiting more. The whole Broklee family is doing wonderfully in there realms and are enjoying themselves and helping others.