Broken Blade of Daemonslaying

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The broken blade of Daemonslaying is about about three foot long with a simple gold handle. The handle does not have any other markings but along the blade is runes to aid the wielder is slaying of Daemons. The blade is broken because there is a crack that goes down the middle of the blade stopping about half way down. Despite this crack the weapon is still quite usable and effective.

It was found by Mitchal pike in Narville while battling a group of monsters. What use the monsters would have for the sword is unknown. Perhaps they are the reason it[broken. It is quite fortunate they did not succeed though.

It took two repairs from sages to work on the weapon attempt to undo the damage by the monsters. Unfortunately you can still see where it was cracked but that is just a reminder of its history.

Type Weapon
Discovered By Mitchal Pike
Discovery Date 2012 February 1
Discovery Location Narville, Atamara
Abilities Prestige +1
Current Owner Mitchal Pike