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Faine Brayn


Faine is nothing more than just composite material...Is isnt a creature, nor human...But both Combined together...his mother was rapped by a dark unknown evil creature and was forced to have a child...This became Faine. Faine isnt the most attractive being. He is very evil looking and the most unaprachable...about 6'2 and normal weight. He wears black armor with black boots and gloves. His skin is pale white and his eyes are red. he has black hair chin lenght. and a black goat-t. His teeth are black and sharp. His voice is deep and spine chilling. His blood is a bright neon green color. On his back he has small Developing dragon wings with the color black and purple. As Faine breaths, you can hear a faint growl.


Faine never knew his parents...His mother died during his birth and he never knew his demon father.


Faine was an only child due to his mother dieing during her first birth.


Faine is a very quiet being, he mostly uses body expressions. He is very careless. Very self centered and doesnt seem to care about anyone but himself. He doesnt care much about what most people have to say. He is mostly in his own world. He is also an insomniac. He has the ability to see perfectly in the dark. It is said he can hear some demonic voices that give him philospic ideas. Thats how he gains his knowledge.


There is no true backround of Faine...Though there is not much said by Faine, there is not much to put down. He is a man of few or no words. Faine 08:48, 2 September 2006 (CEST)