Bootstrap Family

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Bootstrap family Crest.jpg

Welcome to the Bootstrap Family History records.

The family Estate is currently on the South Island in Ikalak (in the city of Ikalak)


    Myles began his career on the South Island Realm of Ikalak. Being the first to leave home in many years.  He  established the Family Home estate there.


    Kyle was the second to leave home and began his career on Dwilight in the realm of Arnor as a knight of Aegir's Deep. He has Joined the Church of Sanguis Astroism, and currently holds the Rank of Knight Stalwart)


    Doc began his career shortly after on the Eastern Island in the Realm of Sirion.  Doc has been given a quest by the Patriarch of the Family, Myles Bootstrap. His quest is a simple one that may prove harder than expected.  He is to discover everything about his Namesake, Doc Who Guldan from the  historical Journals of Sirion.  And when he has satisfactorily done this, He is to construct a monument in Doc Who Guldan Honor giving as much of Doc's History and major life events as he can find.


   Tara started her career on Beluaterra in the realm of Shattered Vales