Bluthammer Family

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The noble Bluthammer family, originally from Avamar (East Continent) has a fame of 8 and 1310 gold of family wealth.



Petrus was a Cavalier involved in the last stand of Avamar. He and his brave men fought until their last breath in the walls of Avamar. Unfortunately, their enemies were vastly superior and Avamarians had to flee. With the fall of Avamar Petrus knew that the evil alliance of Sirion and Fontan was going to attack Oligarch so he joined Oligarch and continued his fight against them.

When Sirion and Fontan attacked Oligarch, Old Rancagua saw a great opportunity to expand his realm. They decided to attack an outnumbered realm and joined the alliance of Sirion and Fontan without any provocation of Oligarch. With this new enemy Hireshmont started the Rubber Ducky Operation. However he didn't involve himself directly in the Operation. The operation tried to overthrown the government of Old Rancagua.

Petrus was chosen to be a member of the Operation Rubber Ducky but during the mission Petrus was captured by the forces of Old Rancagua. Before this dangerous mission Petrus visited and old man friend of his family who gave him some roots in case he got captured. So when Petrus heard the steps of the torturer he ate these roots and commited suicide.

Finally, Rubber Ducky Operation overthrew temporarily Old Rancagua's government and Oligarch recovered Westmoor without too many loses.