Bloomingdale Family

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The Bloomingdale Family

Introduction To the Bloomingdale family. A story of vengeance against cults, and a need to satisfy their anger

The Bloomingdale Family history is a strange one, perhaps the strangest version of the family history is that of Dosel Bloomingdale. Dosel was a man who lived in Sauvia, where the family originates from, with his wife Carlota and his son Norris.

Dosel and Carlota lived a normal life until one day, she was struck down with explosive amnesia. Unfortunately, one of the local cults, one of those that in private everyone knows of but in public its existence is denied, believed that amnesia was a curse from their god placed on witches to make them forget there spells, and they believed that anyone with amnesia was a witch and so must be burnt. And so, they kidnapped Carlota and burnt her. Dosel was angry, Norris was angry and so was Jingo, Dosel's brother. They took the best horses from the stables of Sauvia, they found the best spears and lances and swords. Norris the 2nd used a lance, Norris used a spear, and Jingo used a sword. And together they waited, they waited for the cult to exit the building, and when they did, they decimated them, all 25 of them. In one quick charge half where dead and the other where to confused they did not see the weapons come down on them. Norris, as using a lance had to drop it and use a sword to better hack his foes to pieces. Two where stuck on the end of his lance, and 3 where trampled on by his horse. Dosel fought like a demon, lifting men of the ground with his spear and spearing another on the end. Jingo fought like he normally did, calmly, but with a hint of devilishness. Within a minuet they where all dead, and within a another 5 minuets, the building was ablaze, it was a sight to behold. But this came at a price to the family members. There arms ached and they could not use there weapons for some time, and so fell out of practice, but they still train, aiming to be where they where at before the attack.

Fortunately, no one did anything about the massacre, as most where glad, and very little people lost friends and family, as the cult was a very close knit community within a community. Jingo was satisfied, but could not live in the town where he murdered about ten or so people and so he left for a life of religion in the realm of Alowca, where he know hopes to defeat the barbarian hordes of Oritolon. Dosel was not fully satisfied, but he realized that violence did not solve anything and he could not bear the painful memories of Carlotta in the town of Sauvia and so left for the Far east and joined the noble realm of Lasanar training in the arts of leadership and learning much from the academy in Colasan. Norris himself was unsatisfied, and his blood lust insatiable. He heard about the SEI from traveling mercenary's and thought that SEI was the place. He would find glory and peace. Solitude and recognition. He knew there where only two possible outcomes to help him deal with the past. Death and glory, or glory and celebratory drinks. When he arrived, he landed in the Capital city of Sandalak and found that he liked what he saw, but all too soon, the Gods had other plans for the island, and it began to sink. He heard of a newly found land called Dwlight and decided to wait till a boat could take him there.


Dosel Dosel was a member of Lasarnar, but shortly after the death of his great liege Lasarnar fell into ruin, and the new Duke of Colasan, Tokeru, moved the reigion of Colasan to the realm of Ethailia, and now Norris works for them, currently trying to regain the lands that Ethailia has lost.

Jingo Jingo moved away from the realm of Alowca after he foresaw there downfall, and he took a boat to Belutura, where he is now a member of Irombrozia. There he found the religion of Qyrvaggism, the religion called out to him and he has decided to stay here and help Irombrozia.

Norris Norris finaly got fed up of Springdale and its arguments and left along with a few others to form to realm of Maia, the road was long but he has a last found his way there and soon the TO will begin and Maia will be formed.