Bloody Arrow of War

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Type Weapon
Discovered By Cay
Discovery Date 7 January 2007
Discovery Location Tapaliez, Far East
Abilities Prestige +3
Current Owner (unknown)

Bloody Arrow of War

Type: Weapon

Condition: 91%

Prestige: +3


There used to be some few battles that happened in the forested region of Tapaliez between a local unnamed hero and his peasant army against the ravaging monster legions terrorizing their villages. Legends tell of one evening, where the monsters lead a surprise attack on a small village on the outskirts of Tapaliez, where the hero resided at the time. He gathered up as many possible fighters as he could, but couldn't find many. There was also a shortage in weapons to fight against the monster army. So, he selected 10 of the best men to fight against the hundreds of monsters, lead by one alpha monster. The monsters charged into the few men, tossing around the men like twigs. The hero landed into his arrows, now covered in the blood of his veins. The resistance was scattered, but the hero, desperate to stop them, pulled out an arrow in agony, stood up and ran to catch up to the horde, and fired his last arrow with the remnants of his strength into the chest of the alpha monster, scaring the monsters into retreat and saving the village. When villagers came to look at the remains of the battle, the hero was seen missing and the alpha monster as well. Rumors started spreading, that the monster lord didn't die, but was wounded enough to end his leader position so kept the arrow as a reminder of hatred for humans and pain of losing.

Cay's Encounter

Cay had just finished up rounding up a group of other monster hunters to help him fight off the endless hordes in Tapaliez. He started off with the group's first hunt, forcing monsters into retreat here and there. Taking a break, someone took over the hunt for him, but then he continued it himself.

After pushing the same monster group back 5 times, he tried one more attempt against the fleeing horde. After following some trails in the bushes, he found the horde. This time, they had been trying to regroup with another monster horde and a monster leader. The monster leader had a large scar in it's chest, like one of an arrow. Cay didn't flinch, though. He ambushed the alpha monster and it's bodyguard-like group when they were still in a distance from the retreating group in a wooded area.

The battle started.

Cay: "I attacked a couple of the monsters first, driving my chipped broadsword into the hearts and throats of them. Two monsters then tried to ambush me from behind, but my experienced swordsmanship allowed me to jump up in the air behind them doing a back-flip, and slice their heads clean off their bodies. By now, the rest of the monster group was alerted. I saw about 7 more monsters and the alpha monster or whatever you call it. I didn't expect to see it at first, and I didn't expect to see a huge scar on the front of it's chest. The scar seemed to still be recovering, but not exactly fresh, so it glowed pink against the monster's dark skin color.

I gripped my blade tightly as the monsters charged at me. I could feel the ground trembling underneath my feet due to their stampede. I knew I wouldn't be able to take them all on, so I pretended to flee into the forests. The monsters chased after me, leaving their leader defenseless. This gave me a perfect chance to have a one-on-one fight with it. I crept along the forest floor towards the alpha monster slowly, quietly, trying to make no notice of my position. When the 7 other monsters were far enough away, I jumped at their leader blade-first.

It was alert to my ambush, taking away my advantage of surprise. The monster stood stiff and wielded a blade seemed to be forged out of a human bone, possibly the leg bone. It had fresh blood on it, maybe from a wandering peasant who went too far. It was a frightening thing, and for a second I believed I had little chance against it. But, that feeling quickly went away.

From my initial attack, I was thrown back a few feet, but I landed up-right still. I charged at the monster again, with a plan this time though. When less than a foot away, I faked a strike and changed my footing and stepped to the side to catch the monster off guard. That's when I plunged my blade deep into the monster. It turned to look at me and just knocked me away making me fall to the ground in an open, plain area this time. It let out a terrifying roar, probably to call it's other monsters, and then pulled out my blade and tossed it aside. The wound I inflicted seemed to be nothing to it, which discouraged me even more. I was getting up when the monster was about to strike me. Jumping back, I was lucky to avoid it's blow. I ran for my blade, as it was my only hope to defeat it. It raced me to the blade, but I had the head-start to it and was able to retrieve it. The monster was right behind me though, so I slid to the ground with my foot first, passing the blade and picking it up with my hand. The monster, still charging, tried to strike me, but I chopped off it's foot with all my strength. It fell over, obviously in pain now, and roared loud enough to almost deafen my ears. I took this chance to make one strong blow to the monster's neck, decapitating the alpha monster.

The other monsters had come by now, but saw me with their leader's head in hand, and fled. On the monster, I found a gold coin, and a bloody arrow. I walked back to the nearest village and asked about this arrow, and they told me it's legendary history. And now, here I am telling you of the story of how I obtained this unique arrow."