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The Bloodstar Academy is a place for any noble to learn how to be an effective contributor to the realm they swear loyalty. This is more targeted to new knights but anyone of any status is welcome and encouraged to join so long as they meet the following: Believing in the Bloodstars and reciting the Sanguis Astroism Preamble is required to become a student. A noble does not have to be a member of any church of the Bloodstars to believe in the Bloodstars. Once an initiate recites the Preamble, they are elevated to the full rank of Student and must declare which school or schools they wish to study first.

There are multiple schools of learning:

Every member will have the chance to learn all areas at their own pace.

You learn everything by practical, hands on assignments. To make things simple, a promotion is in order when someone completes 8 of the 11 tasks plus the required items in one of the schools. Graduation occurs when someone completes all schools. A final elder member rank can be achieved by completing every single task in all schools (For the overachiever). All tasks are designed to parallel what is expected of a knight's or lord's duties anyway so in most cases you won't have to go out of you're way to accomplish assignments when you have other duties to perform such as following orders in an army or aiding your liege to maintain your region. Anytime a student is unsure how exactly to do something, they can ask anybody how to proceed.


We believe that the Maddening Star influences our raw emotions and impulses.

We Believe that the Auspicious Star influences our reason and capacity for logical thought.

We Believe that the Austere Star influences our soul and capacity for serenity.

We believe that above all else, men should seek to reach a state of Harmony with the influence of all three Stars so that we may act with Wisdom according to our knowledge.

We believe that to succeed at this is to attain Enlightenment as the First Prophet Mathurin did.

We hold the spiritual writings of the First Prophet Mathurin to come from the greatest understanding of the Stars we have yet achieved. All should study them so we can be better understand and study the Stars themselves.

We believe that everyone should know and believe this creed to be true. We do not shun those who seek honest enlightenment and we seek always to spread our knowledge of the Truth to the unenlightened.

All this we Believe.

Guild Locations

  • Aegir - The second location of the Bloodstar Academy opened by High Inquisitor Gary Ketchum of Morek.

  • Libidizedd - Third location of the Bloodstar Academy opened by Duke Regstav Pryde of Astrum.

  • Mimer - First location of the Bloodstar Academy opened by Hand of the Auspicious Renais Wittsven of Astrum.

Member Ranks from Highest to Lowest

  • Founders

  • Champion of Light

  • Champion

  • Scholar Administrator / Lieutenant Scholar / Lieutenant Administrator

  • Administrator / Scholar / Lieutenant

  • Student

Hall of Fame

Those that achieve the rank Champion of Light, along with other rewards, will be recognized here.